Thursday, July 27, 2017

Virtual USFL 3.0

Blog Note;

For those of you who have previously followed the VUSFL blog and are wondering what is going on, I have decided to do a complete reset of the blog. We are going back to the beginning to hopefully present a better and more complete simulation.

Anyone wishing to provide input, insight, ideas, information, comments, criticisms are encouraged to do so by posting a comment or emailing league headquarters at



Ben Guinn said...

So your doing one more season and hanging it up? Too bad! I have really enjoyed this the last few years. Thanks brother!

Virtual Commissioner said...

No this will not just be one more will hopefully be a re-start going back to 1983 and moving forward. I hope to put together a more realistic simulation........hope to stick to the original Dixon model..........all the old stuff has been archived and much of it will reappear in one form or another...........thanks for following!

Ben Guinn said...

Good to know. Keep up the great work.