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Sunday, July 30, 2017

'82 Chronology-Dixon Interview

Event Date: May 28th, 1982

Event Description: USFL Draft Plans

Source: Chicago Tribune


Chris said...

Glad to see you are up and running again. This was always my goal when I started my USFL research several years ago...that is until I got so wrapped up in the details that I never got to the simulations! Hope some of my work helps you out.

Virtual Commissioner said...


Absolutely love your site..........it has been a big help, rosters, stats, games played etc/etc...........keep up the great work over there!

Also if you have any suggestions, please lmk!

Chris said...

Do you plan on following the real timeline (minus simulated game results) through the 1985 season or making some alterations through the real years? If you want some ideas for alterations post-1983, I'll be happy to share some thoughts with you.

Virtual Commissioner said...


I plan on going through the 1983 season of course, but then I am planning on chaining things up starting in 1984. the main change will be with regard to expansion, sticking to the original Dixon plan and limiting the influence of Trump.

I would love to run some things by you with regard to expansion etc.............you can e-mail me directly at: