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The Virtual U.S. Football League
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

'90 Chronology-USFL Camps Open

Event Date: January 22nd, 1990

Event Description: Bandits Open Camp

Source: St. Petersburg Times

Sunday, July 24, 2016

'90 Chronology-Post-Draft Transactions

Event Date: January 19th, 1990
Event Description: Post-Draft Transactions
Source: League Office
Liberty Division
BALTIMORE STARS— Signed RB Marcus Wilson* (Virginia), FB Donnie Riley* (Central Michigan), WR Mike Bellamy* (Illinois), LB Ray Savage* (Virginia), OT Tim O’Connor (Virginia).
JACKSONVILLE BULLS— Signed DT Bill Goldberg* (Georgia), RB-WR Ernest Thompson* (Georgia Southern), OL Eric Crigler* (Murray State), DT Fred Washington* (TCU), DB Jerome Martin* (W.Kentucky).
MEMPHIS SHOWBOATS — Signed LB Basil Proctor* (West Virginia), QB John Gromos* (Vanderbilt), RB Andy Murray* (Kentucky), TE Walter Wilson* (East Carolina).
MICHIGAN PANTHERS — Signed QB Tony Rice* (Notre Dame), QB Kirk Baumgartner* (Wisconsin-Stevens), QB Gene Benhart* (W. Illinois) OL Bob Kula* (Michigan State), OT Roman Matusz* (Pittsburgh), OG Dean Brown* (Notre Dame), OT Terry Strouf* (Wisc-Lacrosse), TE Craig Hudson* (Wisconsin), DB DeJuan Francisco* (Notre Dame).
NEW JERSEY GENERALS— Signed RB Judd Garrett* (Princeton), OG Dean Caliguire* (Pittsburgh), LB Brad Quast* (Iowa), DL Derek Carr* (Bowling Green), OC Bill Anderson* (Iowa), WR Dempsey Norman* (St. Francis).
ORLANDO RENEGADES — Signed WR Clarkston Hines* (Duke), DT Webbie Burnett* (W. Kentucky), QB Todd Ellis* (South Carolina), LB Maurice Harvey* (Kansas State), WR Elliott Searcy* (Southern), DB Kenny Berry* (Miami).
TAMPA BAY BANDITS — Signed LB Anthony Thompson* (East Carolina), LB James Singletary* (East Carolina), DB Keith Collins* (Appalachian State), WR Tyrone Shavers* (Lamar), DB Dee Thomas* (Nicholls State).
Independence Division 
ARIZONA WRANGLERS— Signed RB Aaron Emanuel* (USC), RB Leroy Holt* (USC), WR Andre Riley* (Washington), QB Todd Hamel* (Stephen F. Austin), LB Dan Grayson* (Washington State), P John Nies* (Arizona).
BIRMINGHAM STALLIONS— Signed QB Major Harris* (West Virginia), QB Reggie Slack* (Auburn), RB Reginaled Warnsley* (Southern Miss), RB Broderick Graves* (Winston-Salem), WR Eugene Rowell* (S.Mississippi), DE Steve Bates* (James Madison), DB Donald Smith* (Liberty), LB Lonnie Brackman* (West Virginia). 
DALLAS OUTLAWS— Signed RB Leon Perry* (Oklahoma), DB Kevin Thompson* (Oklahoma), OG Chris Goetz* (Pittsburgh), DB Robert McWright* (TCU), RB Anthony Landry* (Stephen F. Austin), DE Donnie Graham (Kentucky), OT Ken Hackemack* (Texas),
acquired WR Kerry Simien* in exchange to rights to RB James Gray.
DENVER GOLD— Signed OT Mo Elewonibi (BYU), RB JJ Flannigan (Colorado), QB Gerry Gdowski* (Nebraska), LB Eddie Miles* (Minnesota), LB Dave Harper* (Humboldt State), 
HOUSTON GAMBLERS— Signed WR Thomas Woods* (Tennessee), LB Jerry Robinson* (Texas A&M), DE Craig Schlichting* (Wyoming),  OT Curt Dykes* (Oregon), WR Kerry Simien* (Texas A&M Kingsville); traded WR Kerry Simien to Dallas in exchange for rights to RB James Gray.
NEW ORLEANS BREAKERS— Signed RB Derrick Douglas* (Louisiana Tech), QB Clemente Gordon* (Grambling).
OAKLAND INVADERS— Signed RB Mike Pringle* (Cal-State Fullerton), LB Chris Dunn* (Cal-Poly), WR Tony Jeffery* (San Jose State), LB Rob Hinckley* (Stanford), OL Barry Voorhees* (Northridge State).
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Birmingham QB Poll

'90 Chronology-Saddle Up!

Event Date: January 19th, 1990

Event Description: Major Signing

Source: Mohave Daily Miner

Former West Virginia quarterback Major Harris will sign a $150,000, one-year contract with the United States Football League's Birmingham Stallions, his agent said today. The deal also includes an undisclosed signing bonus. Harris turned down a matching offer from the Pittsburgh Gladiators of the Arena Football League.

Harris and the Stallions were unable to come to terms until Thursday because the team wanted him to sign a three-year contract. Harris wanted a shorter obligation because he plans to eventually play in the National Football League.

On Thursday, Harris, a Pittsburgh native, turned down the Gladiators, who offered the same deal as Birmingham "plus possibly 45 percent of the gate," Abram said.

Harris attended a Canadian Football League mini-camp last week, but British Columbia Lions, who own his CFL rights, indicated that he would be a backup to incumbent Matt Dunigan, Abram said.

more to come...

Thursday, July 21, 2016

'90 Chronology-USFL Transactions-Liberty Division

Event Date: January 18th, 1990
Event Description: Off-Season Transactions
Source: League Office
Liberty Division
BALTIMORE STARS—Signed K David Trout (Maulers ’88), P Max Runager (NFL-Philadelphia ’89), QB Turk Schonert (NFL-Cincinnati ’89), RB Timmy Smith (NFL-Washington ’88), RB Rick Badanjek (NFL-Atlanta ’88), RB-KR Derek Hughes (Wranglers ‘89), WR Gregg Garrity (NFL-Philadelphia ’89), DT Mark Duda (Wranglers ‘88), DE Bob Buczkowski (NFL-Phoenix ’89);
granted free agency to K Eric Schubert (USFL-Memphis), K Dan Plocki, P Larry Swider, QB Scott Campbell (NFL-Atlanta), QB Jim Crocicchia, RB Allen Harvin, FB Joel Coles, FB Eddie Meyers, OT Chuck Slaughter, DT Todd Moules, DE Rickey Hagood, DE Mike  McGinnis, S Mark McCants, S Ken Moriarity, DB Victor Jackson;
acquired DE Larry McClain from New Orleans for cash considerations;
traded RB Timmy Smith to Dallas in exchange for future draft considerations;
traded OC Mike McLaughlin to New Orleans for past considerations; 
placed on LB Kelly Kirchbaum Reserve-Retired List.

JACKSONVILLE BULLS— Signed QB John Reaves (Bandits ’89), C-G Larry Pfohl (Renegades ’89), G-C Chuck Pitcock (Bandits ’89), OG Alvin Powell (NFL-Miami ’89), FB Ron Davenport (NFL-Miami ’89), FB-TE Bobby Micho (Outlaws ’89), WR Spencer Jackson (Renegades ’89), DE Curtis Maxey (NFL-Atlanta ’89), DB Van Jakes (NFL-Green Bay ’89);
granted free agency to QB Buck Belue, QB Doug Hudson, WR Elmer Bailey, RB-WR Tommy Vigorito, TE Robert Young, C-G Chuck Correal, G Roy Simmons, OL Gary Anderson, DT Curtis Anderson, DT Dave Tipton, LB Ken Kelley, DB John Swain;
traded DB Donald Dykes to New Orleans for QB Doug Hudson;
placed on QB Don Strock, OL J.T. Turner, RB-KR Joe Cribbs, and DB Don Bessillieu on Reserve-Retired List.

MEMPHIS SHOWBOATS — Signed K Eric Schubert (Stars ’89), QB Gilbert Renfroe (CFL-Toronto ’89), RB Tony Baker (NFL-Phoenix ’89), RB-KR Bobby Joe Edmonds (NFL-LA Raiders ’89), RB Charles Gladman (Maulers ’88), WR Jimmy Teal (Outaws ‘89), TE Joey Hackett (Wranglers ‘89), G-T Reggie Irving (Invaders ‘89), DE James Cribbs (NFL-Detroit ‘89), LB Lamont Jeffers (CFL-Calgary ’89), DB Leonard Coleman (NFL-San Diego ’89), DB Dwight Taylor (Breakers ’89);
granted free agency to K Nick Mike-Mayer, QB Ricky Turner, RB Gill Fenerty (CFL-Toronto), RB Leonard Williams, WR Eric Brown, OG Tyrone McGriff, DE Gregg Stumon (CFL-Edmonton), LB Greg Gaines, LB Chris Gaines, DB Vic Minor, S Mike Fox, S Mike Guess;
traded WR Tyrone Watson* to Orlando for future considerations;
placed on TE Ken Dunek Reserve-Injured List;

MICHIGAN PANTHERS — Signed OL David Huffman (NFL-Minnesota ’89), TE Rob Rubick (NFL-Detroit ’88), DT Pat Ogrin (Gold ’89), DE Ray Cattage (Express ’89);
granted free agency to QB Rich Campbell, RB Ken Lacy, FB Stan Edwards, FB David Riley, WR Greg Taylor, WR Gary Lee, TE Mike Cobb, OC Tom Turnure, OT Ralph Williams, NT Ira Albright, DE Ron Paggett, LB Howard McAdoo (USFL-New Orleans), S John Arnaud;
acquired RB Curtis Adams from Arizona for future considerations;
placed QB Gary Danielson, FB Stan Edwards, OL Ron Essink and DE Larry Bethea Reserve-Retired List.
placed WR John Kolesar on league waivers.

NEW JERSEY GENERALS— Signed RB Joe Dudek (NFL-Jets Camp ’89), QB Steve Calabria (Express ’89), OL Ted Banker (NFL-Cleveland ’89), NT Mike Ruth (NFL-New England ’87), NT Ted Gregory (NFL-New Orleans ’88), LB Kyle Borland (Express ’89), LB Tim Cofield (NFL-N.Y. Jets ’89), Maurice Clemmons (Generals ’88);
granted free agency to QB Doug Flutie (NFL-New England), KR Rod Pegues, WR Darren Flutie (CFL-British Columbia), FB Jim Bell, OT Andre Hines, OG Bill Dugan, G-T George Collins, DT Ben Rudolph, DE Mark Gastineau (CFL-British Columbia), LB Craig Bingham, LB John Joyce, DB Mike Thurman;
waived LB Derek MacCready*.

ORLANDO RENEGADES — Signed QB Jimmy Jordan (Bandits ’88), QB Mike Elkins (NFL-Kansas City ’89), RB Larry Mason (NFL-Green Bay ’88), OG Tyrone McGriff (Showboats ’89), OT Mike Ariey (NFL-Green Bay ’89), OG Mark Moors (CFL-Hamilton ’89), OG Graeme Miller (Stars Camp ’89);
granted free agency to QB Danny McManus (CFL-Winnipeg), QB Homer Jordan, RB Melvin Bratton (NFL-Denver), RB Michael Clemons (CFL-Toronto), RB-KR Anthony Steels, WR Spencer Jackson (USFL-Jacksonville), WR Stanley Shakespeare, G-C Larry Pfohl (USFL-Jacksonville), OG Ed Fulton, OG Thom Dornbrook, OL Pat Saindon, DB Clifford Toney;
placed on OL Ed Fulton, OT Doug Mackie, DT Scott Hutchinson, LB James Harrell, DB Neil Colzie, DB Zac Henderson, Reserve-Retired List;
acquired WR Tyrone Watson* from Memphis for future considerations.

TAMPA BAY BANDITS — Signed RB-KR Mike Oliphant (NFL-Cleveland ’89), FB Mack Boatner (Breakers ’89), OC Tom Baugh (NFL-Cleveland ’89), DT Marlon Jones (NFL-Cleveland ’89), DT Kevin Kellin (NFL-Tampa Bay ’88), DB Selwyn Drain (Generals ’89), P Lewis Colbert (NFL-San Diego ’89), QB Jeff Carlson (Invaders ’89);
granted free agency to P Vincent Gamache, FB-TE Mark Rush, OG Jeff Wiska, G-C Chuck Pitcock (USFL-Jacksonville), LB Vincent Fizer, LB Nolan Harper, DB Robert Ducksworth (USFL-Houston), DB Marcus Quinn;
placed on FB-TE Mark Rush, DT Don Latimer, DE Mike Clark, Reserve-Retired List.
more to come...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

'90 Chronology-USFL Transactions-Independence Division

Event Date: January 15th, 1990
Event Description: Off-Season Transactions
Source: League Office
Independence Division
ARIZONA WRANGLERS— Signed QB Gary Hogeboom, RB Tony Jordan (NFL-Phoenix ’89), RB Stump Mitchell (NFL-Phoenix ’88), RB Lydell Carr (NFL-Phoenix ’89), WR Dokie Williams (Express ’89), WR Anthony Allen (NFL-San Diego ’89), OL Dave Otey (Express ’89), DT George Achica (Express ’89), DL Freddie Gilbert (NFL-Phoenix ’89), DB Junior Thurman (Express ’89), DB Raphel Cherry (NFL-Detroit ’89), DB Darrell Pattillo (Express ’89);
granted free agency to P Frank Corral, RB Willard Reaves (NFL-Washington), RB Mike Crawford, RB-KR Derek Hughes, WR Herb Duncan, TE Joey Hackett, OG John Stadnik, DT Mark Buben, DT Kit Lathrop, LB Ed Smith, CB Kim Anderson, CB Edward Scott;
traded RB Curtis Adams to Michigan for future considerations;
traded C Jim Portese to Baltimore for cash considerations and a player to be named later;
traded DB Warren Hanna to Orlando for future draft considerations;
waived RB Channing Williams;
placed QB Danny White and WR John Jefferson on Reserve-Retired List;
acquired the rights to TE Demetrius Davis* from Oakland in return for future considerations.

BIRMINGHAM STALLIONS— Signed QB Cliff Stoudt (NFL-Miami ’89), OL Wayne Radloff (NFL-Atlanta ’89), WR Elmer Bailey (Bulls ’89), TE Thornton Chandler (NFL-Dallas ’89), DE-LB Tyrone Keys (NFL-San Diego ’88), DB Derrick Burroughs (NFL-Buffalo ’89), P Larry Swider (Stars ‘89);
granted free agency to P Greg Cater, QB Bob Lane, FB Ricky Moore, WR Ken Toler, WR Scott Bolton, WR J.R. Ambrose, TE Greg Walker, C Mike Katolin, DE Mike Perko, DL Billy Witt, DL Ron Paggett, LB Stan Blinka, DB David Dumars, DB Ted Walton;
placed on QB Bill Kenney, OL Franky Smith and S Carl Allen on Reserve-Retired List.

DALLAS OUTLAWS— Signed QB Rick Johnson (CFL-Toronto ’89), QB Tom Muecke (CFL-Winnipeg ’88), P John Teltschik (NFL-Philadelphia ’89), K Luis Zendejas (NFL-Philadelphia ’89), FB Ricky Moore (Stallions ’89), TE David Hersey (Express ’89), OC Carl Allen (Gamblers ‘89), LB Steve Bullitt (Gamblers ’89), LB Bruce Green (Express ’89), DB John Higgins (Express ’89);
granted free agency to QB B.J. Tolliver (NFL-San Diego), P Stan Talley, K-P Kendall Trainor (USFL-Houston), RB Anthony Stafford, WR Jimmy Teal (USFL-Memphis), FB-TE Bobby Micho, C Mark Fischer, OL Greg Feasel, OT Sid Abramowitz, LB Rich D’Amico, DB Charles Armstead, DB Jitter Fields;
acquired RB Timmy Smith from Baltimore for future draft considerations;
waived DE Donnie Gardner;
placed RB Craig James, QB Glenn Carano, TE Doug Cosbie, LB James Looney and K Tony Franklin on Reserve-Retired List.

DENVER GOLD— Signed RB-KR Ken Bell (NFL-Denver ’89), WR Duane Gunn (Express ’89), OT Dale Markham (Invaders ’89), DE-LB Steve Bryan (NFL-Denver ’88), NT Ira Albright (Panthers ’89), LB Jim Ellis (Express ’89), DB Jeremiah Castille (NFL-Denver ’88), P Stan Talley (Outlaws ’89);
granted free agency to P Chris Norman, RB Earnie Anderson, RB Steve Bartalo, WR Scott McGhee, OT Matt Miller, OT Ray Wagner, OC Jack Peavey, NT Pat Ogrin, LB Mike McKibben, LB Fred Stone, DB Nate Miller;
placed OC Tom Davis, DL Dave Stalls, LB Bill Roe, LB Mike McKibben, on Reserve-Retired List.

HOUSTON GAMBLERS— Signed K-P Kendall Trainor (Outlaws ’89), QB Brent Pease (NFL-Houston ’89), SB Herkie Walls (Bandits ’89), WR Calvin Muhammed (Bulls ’88), WR Walter Murray (CFL-Edmonton ’89), OC John Adickes (NFL-Minnesota ’89), OG Mark Urness (CFL-Saskatchewan ’89), OG George Yarno (NFL-Houston ’89), NT Richard Byrd (NFL-Houston ’89), DE Charles Martin (NFL-Atlanta ’88), LB Angelo Snipes (NFL-Kansas City ’89), DB Domingo Bryant (NFL-Houston ’88);
granted free agency to K Efren Herrera, RB Keyvan Jenkins (CFL-Calgary), WR Richard Johnson (NFL-Detroit), WR Lonell Phea, OC Carl Allen, OG Rick Kehr, OG Jerrell Franklin, DE Jesse Baker, DT Reggie Kinlaw, LB John Barefield, LB Steve Bullitt, DB Luther Bradley;
placed WR-KR Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, WR Joey Walters, QB Oliver Luck, NT Reggie Kinlaw, LB Mike Hawkins, S Dennis Thurman, on Reserve-Retired List. 

LOS ANGELES EXPRESS-Ceased operations.

NEW ORLEANS BREAKERS— Signed QB Jeff Wickersham (CFL-Ottawa ’88), RB Ricky Blake (CFL-Winnipeg ’89), WR Flip Johnson (NFL-Buffalo ’89), OL Mike McLaughlin (Stars ’89), DE Shawn Knight (NFL-Phoenix ’89), DE Willie Fears (CFL-Ottawa ’89), LB David Stanley (CFL-Winnipeg ’88),  DB Antonio Gibson (NFL-New Orleans ’89), DB Stanley Blair (CFL-Edmonton ’89);
granted free agency to P Carl Birdsong, RB Louis Jackson, FB Mack Boatner (USFL-Tampa Bay), WR Greg Taylor, TE Malcolm Scott, OT Joe Silipo, OG Jack Belcher, LB Frank Manumaleuga, LB Doug Landry (CFL-Calgary), DB Jon Sutton, DB Joe Restic, DB Scott Byers;
traded DE Larry McClain to Baltimore for cash considerations; 
placed on RB Marcus Dupree, RB Toussaint Tyler, DB Donald Dykes on Reserve-Retired List;
QB Stan Humphires exercised contract option to become free agent, signed with NFL San Diego.

OAKLAND INVADERS—Signed QB Tom Ramsey (NFL-Indianapolis ’89), RB Kevin Nelson (Express ’89), WR Malcolm Moore (Express ’89),  TE John Frank (NFL-San Francisco ’88), OC Mike Katolin (Stallions ’89), OT Pieter Vanden Bos (CFL-BC Lions ’89), DE Keith Baldwin (NFL-San Diego ’88), DE Joe Campbell (NFL-San Diego ’89), LB Ron Hadley (Invaders Camp ’89), LB Brent Moore (Express ’89), LB Neil Hope (Express ’89), LB Yepi Pauu (Express ’89), DB Lou Brock Jr. (NFL-Seattle ’88);
granted free agency to QB Fred Besana (USFL-Bandits), QB Jeff Carlson, RB Dwaine Wilson, TE Mike Sherrod, WR Allen Pitts (CFL-Calgary), WR Brian Bedford, C-G Kevin Graffis, OG John Tautolo, G-T Reggie Irving, OT Dale Markham (USFL-Denver), DL Mitch Callahan, LB Jim Ellis, LB Rich Dixon, DB Rock Richmond,
placed on DE Dave Browning, LB Tom Cousineau, DB Frank Duncan on Reserve-Retired List.
traded rights to TE Demetrius Davis* to Arizona for future considerations.
more to come...

Monday, July 18, 2016

'90 Chronology-Johnson Joins Outlaws

Event Date: January 11th, 1990

Event Description: Outlaws Add Pivot

Source: Montreal Gazette

The Dallas Outlaws have signed former Stampeders and Argos quarterback Rick Johnson, the USFL club said Wednesday.

The 29-year-old Johnson also has played in the USFL with Oklahoma and Arizona. However, he has not appeared in a USFL game since 1985.

Johnson joins two other quarterbacks on the Outlaws’ roster Turner Gill, formerly of Nebraska and ex-Winnipeg Blue Bomber Tom Muecke.

more to come...

'90 Chronology-Coaches Carousel Continues

Event Date: January 10th, 1990

Event Description: ILAF Coaches Named

Source: Associated Press

Sunday, July 17, 2016

'90 Chronology-June Swoon

Event Date: January 10th, 1990

Event Description: Pardee Out, Jones In

Source: L.A. Times

Jack Pardee, head coach of the Houston Gamblers of the USFL, was hired as coach of the Houston Oilers Tuesday.

Pardee, who played 13 seasons for the Rams and closed out his playing career by leading the Washington Redskins to the 1972 Super Bowl, coached the Chicago Bears from 1975-77 and the Redskins from 1978-80.

"I don't mind the pressure to win," Pardee said of his new job. "It doesn't matter your address, if you don't have the players, it's just as fatal. I'll take my chances with the players we have."

The Gamblers’ quickly replaced Pardee, naming offensive coordinator June Jones as their new head coach.

"I can't explain how excited I am at how the last 48 hours have gone," Jones said. "But any time you have the continued success like we have had here in Houston, there is going to be a dispersement to move on."

Pardee, 53, replaces Jerry Glanville, who resigned Saturday.

more to come......

'90 Chronology-Oilers Lure Pardee

Event Date: January 10th, 1990

Event Description: Oilers Hire Pardee

Source: Observer Reporter

Saturday, July 16, 2016

'90 Chronology-Fassel Discovery

Event Date: January 8th, 1990

Event Description: Bandits Name Head Man

Source: Tampa Tribune

The Tampa Bay Bandits of the United States Football League named Jim Fassel the coach of its franchise on Sunday.

"I am excited to lead the Bandits and am eager to return to the football field," said Fassel. "I have always been impressed with the fervor and passion that the fans in Tampa exhibit every spring. I promise the fans there that we will continue to have a great product on the field and a franchise to make them proud."

Fassel, a former USFL assistant coach in New Orleans, will replace recently departed head man Steve Spurrier. He last coached in the collegiate ranks at the University of Utah, but was let go at the end of the season.

The USFL  kicks off in February.

more to come......

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

'90 Chronology-USFL Draft Preview

Event Date: January 6th, 1990

Event Description: USFL Draft Preview

Source: New York Times

Place and time - The Terrace Room of the Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Avenue and 45th Street, 10 A.M. today and 9 A.M. Sunday. 

Rounds and time limit - The 14 teams will have six minutes to make a selection in rounds 1 and 2, five minutes in rounds 3 through 5 and two minutes in rounds 6 through 10. 

Territorial rights- The franchises may make 10 territorial choices each.

Number of players - A total of 280 players will be chosen - 140 in the territorial phase, and 140 in the open phase. 

Draft order - The franchises will draft in the following order: Memphis, Birmingham, Orlando, Michigan, Arizona, Dallas, New Jersey, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Houston, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Denver and Oakland.

more to come…...

Monday, July 11, 2016

'90 Chronology-Major Preparations

Event Date: January 4th, 1990

Event Description: Major Prepares For Pros

Source: Ocala Star-Banner

Major Poll

'90 Chronology-Major Announcement

Event Date: January 2nd, 1990

Event Description: Harris Will Go Pro

Source: Gettysburg Times

West Virginia quarterback Major Harris reportedly is ready to sign with an agent and make himself available for both the U.S.F.L. and N.F.L. drafts this spring. Harris will be represented by Ed Abrams of Los Angeles, a teammate of Harris’, who asked not to be identified, told Thompson News yesterday.

Harris, only the second player in NCAA history to gain more than 2,000 yards rushing while also passing for more than 5,000, also will explore the possibility of playing in the Canadian Football League, the teammate said.

West Virginia coach Don Nehln said Harris missed a meeting with him  last week to discuss the junior quarterbacks future plans. Nehln said the school is not counting Harris to return for next season.

more to come...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

'89 Chronology-Gator Grab

Event Date: December 31st, 1989

Event Description: Gators Sign Spurrier

Source: Associated Press

Steve Spurrier, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1966 as quarterback at the University of Florida, today returned to the school as head football coach after a scandal-plagued decade for the Gators that resulted in the ouster of his two predecessors.

''His hiring is another positive sign that our football program is indeed headed in the right direction and the University of Florida will be a program to be reckoned with on the national level during the 1990's,'' the Florida athletic director, Bill Ansparger, said in a prepared statement.

''It's a job I've wanted for a long time,'' Spurrier said. ''This is the place I want to be, the place I should be.''

Spurrier agreed to a five-year contract worth an estimated $2 million to take over a program that again is in the middle of a National Collegiate Athletic Association investigation.

Spurrier resigned his position as head coach of the Tampa Bay Bandits to take the Florida position. There was no word from the Bandits' organization as to whom his replacement would be.

more to come...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

'89 Chronology-Pre-Season Schedule

Event Date: December 20th, 1989

Event Description: Training Camp Schedule

Source: League Office



Pre-Season Exhibition Schedule

The 1990 United States Football League training camps will be held in Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

The following teams will train in Arizona

Arizona, Denver, Michigan and Oakland

The following teams will train in Florida

Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Memphis, New Jersey, and Baltimore.

The following teams will train in Texas

Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Birmingham. 

Camps will open Tuesday, January 22nd.

Exhibition Games 

Week #1 (February 1st-3rd)

Denver vs. Oakland (at Casa Grande)
Michigan vs. Arizona (at Phoenix)

Birmingham vs Houston (at San Antonio)
New Orleans vs. Dallas

Baltimore at Jacksonville 
Memphis at Tampa Bay
Orlando vs. New Jersey (at Miami)

Week #2 (February 8th-9th)

Dallas at Arizona 
Denver vs. Michigan (at Glendale)

New Orleans at Houston
Birmingham vs. Oakland (at Phoenix)

Memphis at Jacksonville
Baltimore at Tampa Bay
New Jersey at Orlando

About the United States Football League

The U.S. Football League is a professional football league which will play its season from late February through mid-July. 

The league will follow the David Dixon Model and will present quality professional football in the spring and summer months.

For Additional Information contact

Jim Byrne
Director of Communications
United States Football League
52 Vanderbilt Avenue

New York, N.Y.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

'89 Chronology-Stump Jumps

Event Date: December 18th, 1989

Event Description: Wranglers Rope Mitchell

Source: The Reading Eagle

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

'89 Chronology-Dupree Settles Claim

Event Date: December 12th, 1989

Event Description: Dupree Settles Claim

Source: The Sumter Daily Item

Saturday, July 2, 2016

'89 Chronology-USFL Schedule Released

Event Date: December 3rd, 1989

Event Description: 1990 USFL Schedule

Source: League Office
The United States Football League released its 1990 schedule and the ESPN Thursday night season opener will feature defending champion Oakland hosting the Tampa Bay Bandits.

An 17-week package of TBS Sunday night games begins Week 1 with the New Jersey Generals traveling to Michigan. Other opening week games include Dallas at New Orleans, Birmingham at Arizona, Houston at Denver and Orlando at Memphis.

The first ESPN Monday night game of the year will see the Baltimore Stars visit the Jacksonville Bulls. All national games will be televised on either ESPN or TBS. 

Regional coverage will be shown on a series of cable and satellite networks which include; Empire Sports, Home Team Sports, Madison Square Garden, SportSouth, Sunshine, and Pacific Sportsnet. The Prime Network affiliates which include Prime Sports Rocky Mountain, Prime Sports Southwest and Prime Sports Arizona will provide coverage for the teams out west.

The first playoff weekend is June 23rd-24th, followed the next weekend by the divisional finals round. The USFL championship game is slated for July 7th in New Orleans, televised by ESPN.

The season begins on Thursday, February 15th. For the entire schedule go here.

more to come...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

'89 Chronology-Euro-League Announces Schedule

Event Date: December 2nd, 1989

Event Description: International League Announces Schedule

Source: Gainesville Sun

Monday, June 27, 2016

Tampa Bay Head Coach Poll

'89 Chronology-Bandit Pursuit

Event Date: November 29th, 1989

Event Description: Falcons Pursue Spurrier

Source: Atlanta Journal 

Tampa Bay Bandits head coach Steve Spurrier confirmed Tuesday he plans to meet later this week with Atlanta Falcons officials to discuss the NFL team’s coaching job.
Spurrier told The Atlanta Journal that a time and place had not yet been set for the interview. Spurrier, 44, also is considered a candidate for the coaching position at the University of Florida.

In other USFL news: Don Klosterman, the former president and general manager of the Los Angeles Express, filed suit Tuesday, alleging breach of contract against the team and the United States Football League.

The suit, filed in Superior Court, alleges the Express, which had been taken over by the U.S.F.L. due to financial problems earlier this year, violated Klosterman's contract when it dismissed him in when the team was disbanded. The suit, filed by the attorney Neil Papiano, seeks $5 million in punitive damages and $737,500 in unpaid salary and severance pay.

more to come...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

'89 Chronology-Gators Covet Spurrier

 Event Date: November 28th, 1989

Event Description: Florida Woos Spurrier

Source: Sun Sentinel

Tampa Bay Bandits head coach Steve Spurrier, who won the Heisman Trophy as a player at the University of Florida in 1966, has been given permission to talk to Bill Arnsparger, the Florida athletic director, about the Gators' head coaching job, according to a statement released by the team.

Spurrier led Tampa Bay to a 17-1 record during this past season and a trip to the USFL Quarterfinal playoffs where they were upset by the Denver Gold. 

Previous head coach galen Hall was forced to resign back in October due to a series of NCAA investigations. (AP)

more to come...

Friday, June 24, 2016

'89 Chronology-Baby Ruth

Event Date: November 21st, 1989

Event Description: Generals Sign Trio

Source: The Dispatch

Mike Ruth, a former Outland Trophy winner, signed a four-year contract late Monday with the New Jersey Geneals of the U.S. Football League. 

The contract is reported to be worth $525,000.

Ruth, who is 6-foot-2 and 266 pounds runs the 40 in 4.85 seconds, can bench press 580 pounds and has a vertical jump of 32 inches.

Ruth was drafted in the second round of the NFL draft back in 1986 by the New England Patriots. The ex-Boston College star was released last spring after a series of injuries derailed his NFL career.

The Generals also signed ex-Denver Broncos running back Joe Dudek and quarterback Steve Calabria.

more to come......

Thursday, June 23, 2016

'89 Chronology-International Feel

Event Date: November 19th, 1989

Event Description: Ex-Gade Going International

Source: Schmitz-Orlando Sentinel

As if his name wasn't enough of a challenge to say and spell, Steve Pisarkiewicz (pronounced Steve) had jolly old England completely confounded when he introduced them to football, American-style.

Steve, the former backup quarterback for the Orlando Renegades, has returned after spending the last three years educating the eager but backward chaps in the fine art of X's and O's. Impressing on these club players, for example, that not all 11 of them should run to assault the ballcarrier and leave their areas unmanned. That's rugby, my good man, another style of football.

''When I was putting a team together, guys would say, 'I'll have a go.' I'd say, 'What's this 'I'll have a go' business?'' Pisarkiewicz said over a tray of oysters Saturday night. ''I'd tell them if you have a go at this without knowing what you're doing, you'll get your head knocked off.

''All they see over there is NFL highlights, so they think the game's just 60-yard bombs. They don't know the nuances. But it reminded me of the Renegades, the newness, the excitement.''

Pisarkiewicz, the former No. 1 draft choice of the St. Louis (Phoenix) Cardinals in 1977, had no idea what he was getting into. He went over with a friend in 1986 and assembled the Cardiff Tigers in Wales.
Pisarkiewicz, 36, served as the team's coach, general manager, player personnel director, marketing director and its quarterback for two years. ''I designed the uniforms, too,'' he said.

The Tigers finished 7-5 in '87 and 11-1 in '88 in the 20-team league that included the Birmingham Bulls, the Swansea Dragons and the London Ravens. Crowds ranged from 1,500 to 3,000, depending on the weather, which was usually dreary and damp. Pisarkiewicz had a ''year like Dan Marino'' last season, throwing 44 touchdown passes.

Although initially resisted by players, fans and the sensationalist media, Pisarkiewicz steadily won over Wales with the American game. ''Rugby and soccer are their sports,'' he said. ''The media downplayed it, asking me questions like, 'Why do you have to wear pads?''
By the end of last season, the Tigers were reading defensive keys and reacting to audibles. Receivers were adjusting patterns according to coverages. ''It's like club football. There are some decent players, but the sport's growing at such a rate their front offices need stability,'' Pisarkiewicz said.

So he was flabbergasted to hear the Tigers recently folded. He figures the club, backed by a glass company, ''were afraid of their own success. We're on the verge of international play, and I think they're afraid of that, that commitment.''

The NFL has plans to expand overseas to tap a market hungry for the American game. But World Wide American Football League, headed by former Dallas Cowboy GM Tex Schramm, had to postpone its proposal to plant flags in British end zones until 1991 after meeting resistance from English corporate sponsors, says Pisarkiewicz.

He also says the NFL has competition abroad. Carroll Huntress, a millionaire from Alabama, has been quietly heading a group trying to set up an international league that could include Donald Trump. Unlike Schramm's league, which would employ Americans from the field to the front office, Huntress' group would, according to Pisarkiewicz, mix a quota of 12 U.S. players along with the natives.

Pisarkiewicz hopes he is a part of whatever league develops. He met with Art Rooney Jr., who heads the NFL's international expansion group, and would like to serve in a liaison capacity with the NFL and the Commonwealth.

No matter what transpires, the last three years have been quite an experience for Pisarkiewicz. All those years riding the pine in the states did not go for naught. ''Over there I was able to put all the opinions I had about the game into use,'' he said. ''Sitting for as long as I have in the NFL and USFL, you talk to yourself. You wonder if you really know what you're talking about. Now I know I can coach anywhere and work in administration.''

Now if Steve could just get used to driving on the right. (From Orlando Sentinel-All Rights Reserved)

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