The Virtual U.S. Football League

The Virtual U.S. Football League
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

'90 Chronology-I.L.A.F. Cancels Debut

Event Date: March 1st, 1990

Event Description: Football League Canceled

Source: The Hour

'90 Chronology-Week #2 Transactions

Event Date: February 27th, 1990

Event Description: Week #2 Transactions

Source: PFW

Arizona-Activated RB Lydell Carr* from Taxi Squad, placed FB Leroy Holt on Physically Unable to Perform List.

Birmingham-Activated DL Steve Bates* from Taxi Squad.

New Jersey-Signed DB Marcus Quinn (USFL-Tampa Bay’89).

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

'90 Chronology-Panning For Gold

Event Date: February 26th, 1990

Event Description: Bulls Win Slugfest

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Monday, August 22, 2016

'90 Chronology-Texas Toast

Event Date: February 25th, 1990

Event Description: Collier Carries 'Gades

Source: Ocala Star Banner

'90 Chronology-Falling Stars?

Event Date: February 25th, 1990

Event Description: Breakers Down Baltimore

Source: Gadsden Times

'90 Chronology-Wild Cats!

Event Date: February 25th, 1990

Event Description: Panthers Go 2-0

Source: Herald Journal

'90 Chronology-Desert Drought

Event Date: February 25th, 1990

Event Description: Wranglers Drop Second Straight

Source: El Paso Daily Miner

Sunday, August 21, 2016

'90 Chronology-Getting Their Kicks

Event Date: February 24th, 1990

Event Description: 'Boats Get Their Kicks

Source: The Times-News

'90 Chronology-Cream of the Crop

Event Date: February 22nd, 1990

Event Description: Bandits' Defense Seals O.T. Win

Source: Tampa Tribune

Thursday, August 18, 2016

'90 Chronolgy-Week #2 Preview

Event Date: February 21st, 1990

Event Description: Week #2 Preview

Source: Pro Football Weekly

Week #2 USFL Preview


(1-0) Birmingham at (1-0) Tampa Bay (Bandits -1)


(1-0) Houston at (0-1) Memphis (Gamblers -3)


(0-1) New Jersey at (0-1) Arizona (Generals -5)

(0-1) Oakland at (1-0) Michigan (Panthers -9)

(0-1) Baltimore at (0-1) New Orleans (Breakers -3)

(1-0) Orlando at (1-0) Dallas (Outlaws -7)


(0-1) Denver at (1-0) Jacksonville (Bulls -10)

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Monday, August 15, 2016

'90 Chronology-Week #1 Transactions

Event Date: 20th, 1990

Event Description: Week #1 Transactions

Source: PFW

Arizona-Activated DE David Edeen from Taxi Squad.

Dallas-Activated OT Ken Hackemack from Taxi Squad.

Denver-Activated LB Dave Harper* from Taxi Squad.

Jacksonville-Signed RB-KR Anthony Steels (USFL-Orlando ’89).

Memphis-Activated TE-WR Walter Wilson* from Taxi Squad.

Michigan-Signed DL Steve Bearden (USFL-Memphis ’89).

New Jersey-Activated OL Jeff Buddenberg* from Taxi Squad.

Orlando-Signed OL Pete Saindon (USFL-Orlando ’89).

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

'90 Chronology-Los Angeles Lawsuit

Event Date: February 20th, 1990

Event Description: Creditors Sue USFL

Source: The Hour

Thursday, August 11, 2016

'90 Chronology-Defensive Spark!

Event Date: February 19th, 1990

Event Description: Bulls' Defense Dominates

Source: Gainesville Sun

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

'90 Chronology-Overtime Opener

Event Date: February 18th, 1990

Event Description: Panthers Avoid Sudden Death

Source: Detroit Free Press

'90 Chronology-Kicking Contest

Event Date: February 18th, 1990

Event Description: Gamblers Edge Gold

Source: El Paso Daily Miner

'90 Chronology-Sinking Feeling

Event Date: February 18th, 1990

Event Description: 'Gades Steal Opener

Source: Gainesville Sun

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

'90 Chronology-Stallions Run Free

Event Date: February 17th, 1990

Event Description: Stallions Down Wranglers

Source: Daily News

'90 Chronology-Slick Rick

Event Date: February 17th, 1990

Event Description: New Look Outlaws

Source: Herald Journal

Monday, August 8, 2016

'90 Chronology-Bandits Invade Oakland

Event Date: February 15th, 1990

Event Description: Bandits Win Opener

Source: Tampa Tribune

Sunday, August 7, 2016

'90 Chronology-Week #1 Preview

Event Date: February 14th, 1990

Event Description: Week #1 Preview

Source: PFW

Week #1 USFL Preview


Tampa Bay at Oakland  (Invaders -5)


Dallas at New Orleans (Breakers -4.5)
Birmingham at Arizona (Wranglers -2)


Orlando at Memphis (Showboats -1)
Houston at Denver (Gold -4)

Sunday Night

New Jersey at Michigan (Panthers -2)


Baltimore at Jacksonville (Bulls -7)

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Independence Division Poll

'90 Chronology-Independence Division Preview

Event Date: February 12th, 1990

Event Description: Independence Division Preview

Source: PFW

Houston Gamblers

1989 Record: 10-8

Owner: The A.I. Group (Argovitz-Icahn)

Stadium: Astrodome    

Avg. Attendance: 38,971

Head Coach: June Jones

General Manager: Gene Burrough

Key players: QB Todd Dillon, RB Todd Fowler, WR Vince Courville, OL Billy Kidd, OL George Yarno, OL Frank Kalil, DT Hosea Taylor, DE John Walker, DE Cleveland Crosby, LB Kiki DeAyala, LB Angelo Snipes, S Calvin Eason.

New players: QB Brent Pease, SB Herkie Walls, WR Calvin Muhammed, OC John Adickes, OL Mark Urness, DE Charles Martin, LB Angelo Snipes, DB Domingo Bryant, RB James Gray* WR Thomas Woods*.

Outlook: The Gamblers are still contenders despite the loss of their head coach, Jack Pardee, to the National Football League.

1990 Prediction: 12-6 1st Place

Denver Gold

1989 Record: 11-7

Owner: R. Douglas Spedding

Stadium: Mile High    

Avg. Attendance: 43,457

Head Coach: Mouse Davis

General Manager: Richard L. Nathan

Key players: QB Vince Evans, RB Tony Boddie, WR Marc Lewis, WR Lonnie Harris, WR Duane Gunn. C Guy Goar, OG Pete Speros, DL Bruce Thornton, LB Willie Pless, DB David Martin, DB Anthony Allen.

New players: P Stan Talley, RB Ken Bell, WR Duane Gunn, OT Dale Markham, NT Ira Albright, DT Steve Bryan, DT Willie Griffin, LB Brian Bosworth, DB Jeremiah Castille, OT Moe Elewonibi*.

Outlook: The Gold surprised many experts last season while making a run to the championship game. Many Denver fans will have even higher expectations for the upcoming season.

1990 Prediction: 11-7 2nd Place

Oakland Invaders

1989 Record: 13-4-1

Owner: Tad Taube

Stadium: Oakland Coliseum     

Avg. Attendance: 32,499

Head Coach: Raymond Chester

General Manager: John Ralston

Key players: QB Steve Dils, RB Doug DuBose, RB John Williams, WR Wes Howell, WR Gordon Banks, OL Terry Fransz, OC David Diaz-Infante, DE Monte Bennett, NT Fred Nordgren, DB David Greenwood.

New players: QB Tom Ramsey, RB Mike Pringle*, WR Malcolm Moore, WR David Williams, TE John Frank, OC Mike Katolin, OT Pieter Vanden Bos, OG Ricky Siglar, OL/DL Barry Voorhees*, DE Keith Baldwin, DE Joe Campbell, LB Brent Moore, LB Ron Hadley, LB Neil Hope, DB Russell Carter, DB Lou Brock Jr..

Outlook: The Invaders appear to be even stronger than last season when head coach Raymond Chetser led the team to a league championship.

1990 Prediction: 11-7 3rd Place

New Orleans Breakers

1989 Record: 10-8

Owner: Joseph Canizaro

Stadium: Superdome     

Avg. Attendance: 33,908

Head Coach: Dick Coury

General Manager: Dick Coury

Key players: K Tim Mazzetti, QB Dave Wilson, QB Terence Jones, RB-KR Tyrone Anthony, WR Trumaine Johnson, WR Malcolm Barnwell, C Frank Roberts, OG Gerry Raymond, OT Robert Anae, DT Allen Hughes, DE Robert Brannon, DE-LB Jerald Baylis, LB LB Ben Needham, DB Antonio Gibson, DB Bruce Miller, S Stanley Blair.

New players: QB Jeff Wickersham, RB Ricky Blake, RB Tim Jessie, DE Shawn Knight, DE Willie Fears, DB Antonio Gibson, S Bennie Thompson, S Stanley Blair, S Russell Hairston.

Outlook: The Breakers lost Marcus Dupree to a career-ending injury, while also sustaining some losses to free agency. This could be a year where the team focuses more on rebuilding rather than putting together a deep playoff run.

1990 Prediction: 9-9 4th Place

Dallas Outlaws

1989 Record: 7-11

Owner: Jody Tallal 

Stadium: The Cotton Bowl    

Avg. Attendance: 26,243

Head Coach: Chuck Fairbanks

General Manager: Chuck Fairbanks

Key players: QB Turner Gill, QB Rick Johnson, RB Gary Allen, WR Marcus Anderson, TE mark Keel, OC Carl Allen, OT Mike Perrino, DE Brad Anae, DE Rayford Cooks, LB Putt Choate, LB Juan Castillo, DB Donnell Daniel, DB Von Mansfield.

New players: QB Rick Johnson, K Kuis Zendejas, FB Ricky Moore, TE David Hersey, LB Steve Bullitt, LB Bruce Green, RB Leon Perry*, OT Ken Hackemack*, DB Kevin Thompson*.

Outlook: Signing CFL free agent QB Rick Johnson should give the offense some added spark.

1990 Prediction: 9-9 5th Place

Birmingham Stallions

1989 Record: 6-12

Owner: Ripps-Sklar Football Consortium 

Stadium: Legion Field    

Avg. Attendance: 32,046

Head Coach: Forrest Gregg

General Manager: Jerry Sklar

Key players: QB Cliff Stoudt, QB Major Harris*, RB Bill Johnson, FB Paul Ott Carruth, WR Joey Jones, WR-RB Lionel James, T Pat Phenix, G Buddy Aydelette, DE Mack Moore, DE Keith Gary, LB Herb Spencer, DB Chuck Clanton, DB Derrick Burroughs, DB Dennis Woodberry.

New players: QB Cliff Stoudt, QB Major Harris*, RB Reginald Warnsley*, WR Elmer Bailey, TE Thornton Chandler, OC Wayne Radloff, DE-LB Tyrone Keys, DB Derrick Burroughs, DB Dennis Woodberry.

Outlook: The return of  Cliff Stoudt, the signing of Major Harris and an influx of free agents has given this team a makeover.

1990 Prediction: 7-11 6th Place

Arizona Wranglers

1989 Record: 7-11

Owner: Tatham-Allen & Associates

Stadium: Sun Devil    

Avg. Attendance: 25,075

Head Coach: Frank Kush

General Manager: George Allen

Key players: QB Gary Hogeboom, QB Rick Neuheisel,  RB Stump Mitchell, WR Clarence Collins, HB Gordon Hudson, OC Navy Tuiasosopo, OL Dave Otey, OG Dan Rosado, LB Keith Browner, LB Greg Battle, CB Warren Hanna.

New players: QB Gary Hogeboom, RB Tony Jordan, RB Lydell Carr, RB-KR Stump Mitchell, WR Anthony Allen, DT George Achica, DL Freddie Gilbert, DB Junior Thurman, DB Raphel Cherry, RB Aaron Emanuel*, FB Leroy Holt*.

Outlook: Another late season collapse could signal the end of the Frank Kush regime.

1990 Prediction: 6-12 7th Place

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

'90 Chronology-Liberty Division Preview

Event Date: February 12th, 1990

Event Description: Liberty Division Preview

Source: PFW

Jacksonville Bulls

1989 Record: 9-9

Owner: Fred Bullard

Stadium: Gator Bowl    

Avg. Attendance: 45,720

Head Coach: Jim Johnson

General Manager: Larry Csonka

Key players: QB Ed Luther, RB Tony Smith, RB Bobby Howard, WR Alton Alexis, C Ken Howell, OL Larry Pfohl, OL Chuck Pitcock, OG Bob Gruber, OG Alvin Powell, NT Dave Opfar, LB Charles Bowser, DB Van Jakes, DB Derrick Batiste.

New players: QB John Reaves, OL Larry Pfohl, OC Chuck Pitcock, OG Alvin Powell, FB Ron Davenport, TE Bobby Micho, WR Spencer Jackson, DE Curtis Maxey, DB Van Jakes, DT Bill Goldberg*, RB-WR Ernest Thompson*, DT Fred Washington*.

Outlook: After missing the playoffs last season, GM Larry Csonka was prompted to go out and sign a myriad of veteran free agents in an attempt to avoid another late season collapse.

1990 Prediction: 12-6 1st Place

Tampa Bay Bandits

1989 Record: 17-1

Owner: S.C.R. Football Club (Scarfone-Cunningham-Reynolds)

Stadium: Tampa Stadium

Avg. Attendance: 43,851

Head Coach: Jim Fassel

General Manager: Tom Bland

Key players: QB Ben Bennett, RB Greg Allen, WR Stephen Starring, TE Marvin Harvey, OC Lee North, OT Reggie Smith, DE Calvin Turner,  DE Don Fielder, LB Alonzo Johnson, LB Jay Brophy, DB Vito McKeever, DB Darnell Clash.

New players: RB-KR Mike Oliphant, FB Mack Boatner, OC Tom Baugh, DT Marlon Jones, DT Kevin Kellen, DB Selwyn Drain, LB Anthony Thompson*, LB James Singletary*, WR Tyrone Shavers*.

Outlook: The loss of head coach Steve Spurrier to the University of Florida leaves a huge void, that combined with last seasons’ playoff collapse leaves many to wonder how the Bandits will fare this season.

1990 Prediction: 12-6 2nd Place

Baltimore Stars

1989 Record: 12-6

Owner: Nick Mileti & Myles Tanenbaum 

Stadium: Memorial Stadium

Avg. Attendance: 34,275

Head Coach: Ted Marchibroda

General Manager: George Heddleston

Key players: QB Chuck Fusina, RB Curtis Bledsoe, SB-DB Gordie Lockbaum, WR Willie Collier, WR Kris Haines, C Joe Happe, G Rich Garza, OT George Gilbert, DL Joe Costello, LB George Cooper, DB Garcia Lane, DB R.L. Harris, S Troy West.

New players: QB Turk Schonert, RB Rick Badanjek, RB-KR Derek Hughes, WR Gregg Garrity, DT Mark Duda, DE Bob Buczkowski, RB Marcus Wilson*, WR Mike Bellamy*.

Outlook: The return of head coach Ted Marchibroda marked the beginning of last seasons’ turnaround. Look for the team to build on last seasons’ success and possibly make a run at another championship.

1990 Prediction: 10-8 3rd Place

Orlando Renegades

1989 Record: 6-12

Owner: Donald Dizney

Stadium: Citrus Bowl    

Avg. Attendance: 27,705

Head Coach: John Jenkins

General Manager: Mike Dizney

Key players: QB Reggie Collier, RB Greg Boone, WR Charlie Brown, WR Jerry Gordon, C Brian Musselman, G Tyrone McGriff, DT Eddie Weaver, LB Fernando Jackson, LB George Mira Jr., DB Warren Hanna.

New players: QB Jimmy Jordan, RB Greg Boone, RB Larry Mason, OG Tyrone McGriff, OT Mike Ariey, OG Mark Moors, OG Graeme Miller, WR Clarkston Hines*, DT Webbie Burnett*, WR Elliott Searcy*, DB Kenny Berry*.

Outlook: The addition of rookie wideout Clarkston Hines and a re-vamped offensive line should give the offense some added spark.

1990 Prediction: 8-10 4th Place

New Jersey Generals

1989 Record: 8-10

Owner: Stephen Ross 

Stadium: Meadowlands     

Avg. Attendance: 38,348

Head Coach: Walt Michaels

General Manager: Jason Seltzer

Key players: QB Don McPherson, QB Steve Calabria, RB Joe Dudek, WR Lonnie Turner, WR Byron Williams, TE Sam Bowers, G John Jewell, G Robert Maggs, NT Mike Ruth, DT Ted Gregory, LB Marcus Marek, LB Tim Cofield, DB Terry Daniels.

New players: QB Steve Calabria, RB Joe Dudek, OL Ted Banker, NT Mike Ruth, DT Ted Gregory,  LB Kyle Borland, LB Tim Cofield, LB Maurice Clemmons, RB Judd Garrett*, OG Dean Caliguire*.

Outlook: The loss of Doug Flutie to the NFL will hurt this team both on the field and at the box office.

1990 Prediction: 7-11 5th Place

Memphis Showboats

1989 Record: 6-12

Owner: William Dunavant

Stadium: Liberty Bowl    

Avg. Attendance: 34,599

Head Coach: Pepper Rodgers

General Manager: Steven Ehrhart

Key players: QB Walter Lewis, WR Derrick Crawford, WR Greg Moser, OL Reggie Irving, C Larry Rubens, OT Ken Smith, NT Ron Simmons, LB John Corker, LB Will Cokeley, LB Lamont Jeffers, DB Doran Major, DB Leonard Coleman.

New players: K Eric Shubert, QB Gilbert Renfroe, RB Tony Baker, KR Bobby Joe Edmonds, WR Jimmy Teal, TE Joey Hackett, OL Reggie Irving, DE James Cribbs, LB Lamont Jeffers, DB Dwight Taylor, TE-WR Walter Wilson*.

Outlook: The Showboats did not put on much of a show last season prompting some to call for the dismissal of head coach Pepper Rodgers.

1990 Prediction: 6-12 6th Place

Michigan Panthers

1989 Record: 6-11-1

Owner: A. Alfred Taubman

Stadium: Silverdome    

Avg. Attendance: 32,521

Head Coach: Steve Mariucci

General Manager: Vince Lombardi Jr.

Key players: QB Erik Kramer, QB Mike Hohensee, K Novo Bojovic, RB Garry James, RB Byron Sanders, WR Eric Truvillion, WR Derek Holloway, TE Mike Cobb, C Tom Piette, G Jon Zogg, NT Pat Ogrin, DE Ray Cattage, LB Mike Edwards, LB Carlton Rose, DB Bobby Futrell.

New players: OL Dave Huffman, TE Rob Rubick, DT Pat Ogrin, DE Ray Cattage, QB Tony Rice*, OT Terry Strouf*, DB DeJuan Francisco*.

Outlook: New head coach Steve Mariucci will have his hands full as the Panthers look to rebuild slowly through the draft.

1990 Prediction: 6-12 7th Place

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Monday, August 1, 2016

'90 Chronology-Pre-Season Scores: Week #2

Event Date: February 10th, 1990

Event Description: Preseason Scoreboard

Source: PFW 

Dallas at Arizona (Wranglers win 28-19/MVP: Gordon Hudson)

Denver vs. Michigan (at Glendale) (Gold win 16-6/MVP: Steve Taylor)

New Orleans at Houston (Gamblers win 33-23/MVP: Vince Courville)

Birmingham vs. Oakland (at Phoenix) (Stallions win 17-6/MVP: Major Harris*)

Memphis at Jacksonville (Showboats win 28-14/MVP: Greg Moser)

Baltimore at Tampa Bay (Stars win 24-20/MVP: Jackie Flowers)

New Jersey at Orlando (Generals win 24-16/MVP: Steve Calabria)

For complete box scores go here……

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Friday, July 29, 2016

'90 Chronology-Reality Check

Event Date: February 7th, 1990

Event Description: W.L.A.F. Draws Closer

Source: Gettysburg Times

'90 Chronology-Euro-League Losses

Event Date: February 7th, 1990

Event Description: I.L.A.F. Loses Two

Source: Times Daily

Thursday, July 28, 2016

'90 Chronology-Pre-Season Scores: Week #1

Event Date: February 3rd, 1990

Event Description: Preseason Scoreboard

Source: PFW 

Baltimore at Jacksonville (Bulls win 34-19/MVP: Alton Alexis)

Birmingham vs Houston at San Antonio, TX (Stallions win 27-13/MVP: Lionel James)

Denver vs. Oakland at Tempe, AZ (Invaders win 26-17/MVP: Paul Bergmann)

New Orleans vs. Dallas (Breakers win 34-20/MVP: Terrence Jones)

Memphis vs Tampa Bay (Bandits win 30-12/MVP: Kerwin Bell)

Michigan at Arizona (Wranglers win 26-17/MVP: Gary Hogeboom

Orlando at New Jersey at Miami, FL (Renegades win 36-24/MVP: Jimmy Jordan)

For complete box scores go here……

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