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'84 Chronology-Trophy Case

Event Date: January 15th, 1984

Event Description: Heisman Hopefuls

Source: Beaver County News

Saturday, July 21, 2018

'84 Chronology-Examining Options

Event Date: January 12th, 1984

Event Description: Ross Staying?

Source: Beaver County News

'84 Chronology-Hog Tied?

Event Date: January 12th, 1984

Event Description: Maulers Eye Grimm

Source: Beaver County News

'84 Chronology-Confirmation

Event Date: January 11th, 1984

Event Description: Rozier Confirms Contract

Source: Beaver County News

'84 Chronology-Gold Standard

Event Date: January 11th, 1984

Event Description: Blitz Pursue Payton

Source: Lakeland Ledger

Thursday, July 19, 2018

'84 Chronology-Four Year Plan

Event Date: January 11th, 1984

Event Description: Simmons Visits Cleveland

Source: United Press International

Attendance at U.S. Football League games last year averaged about 25,000 per game, and commissioner Chet Simmons was hopeful it would improve in the league's second season.

“We have to keep our options open,” he said Thursday. “I think four years is a good period of time to see if we have reached our goals.”

Simmons, who visited Cleveland Thursday, said he wanted to make Cleveland the site of a USFL franchise. The city already has one football team -- the NFL's Browns.

Simmons wants to add eight more teams to the current 16 teams, and said Seattle, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Cleveland were the main targets.

“If there are interested people here (in Cleveland) with money and have a sincere interest, we would be crazy to turn our back on the 10th leading market in the United States,” he said.

“My purpose here is not to talk to prospective buyers, but we are at the very beginnings of conversations with people here,” he said.

He would not elaborate, but Malrite Communications, the owner of two Cleveland radio stations, also owns the USFL's Washington Federals, and has the rights to a Cleveland franchise.

He said he was happy that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Cliff Stoudt had agreed to a contract with the Birmingham Stallions, and expected Buffalo Bills running back Joe Cribbs to sign with the Stallions as well.

“We are in competition with the National Football League,” he said. “We are not raiding that league. We will not break contracts.”

New Jersey Generals quarterback Brian Sipe, formerly of the Browns, “will be very good at marketing himself, his team and the league,” Simmons said. “I hope that taking a star away from this area will not keep people here from becoming interested in our league.”

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'84 Chronology-In Limbo

Event Date: January 10th, 1984

Event Description: Stoudt Signed?

Source: Beaver County News

'84 Chronology-Sign Here

Event Date: January 10th, 1984

Event Description: Rozier Deal Complete?

Source: Beaver County Times

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'84 Chronology-Plausible Deniability

Event Date: January 8th, 1984

Event Description: Rozier Close?

Source: Beaver County News

Monday, July 16, 2018

'84 Chronology-On the Outs

Event Date: January 6th, 1984

Event Description: Stoudt Out?

Source: Beaver County Times

'84 Chronology-Hartless

Event Date: January 5th, 1984

Event Description: Hart Axed

Source: Montreal Gazette

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'84 Chronology-Maulers Draft Rozier

Event Date: January 5th, 1984

Event Description: Maulers Pick Rozier

Source: Schenectady Gazette

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'84 Chronology-Drawing Interest

Event Date: January 3rd, 1984

Event Description: USFL Draft

Source: Beaver County Times

'84 Chronology-Coaching Changes

Event Date: January 4th, 1984

Event Description: Coaching Changes

Source: Beaver County Times

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'84 Chronology-1984 Territorial Draft Schools

Event Date: January 3rd, 1984

Event Description: 1984 Territorial Schools

Source: League Office

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'84 Chronology-Stabler Stays

Event Date: January 3rd, 1984

Event Description: Stabler Rejects Offer

Source: Beaver County News

'84 Chronology-No Joking Matter

Event Date: January 1st, 1984

Event Description: Sims Controversy Continues

Source: Beaver County Times

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'83 Chronology-Business Interests

Event Date: December 30th, 1983

Event Description: Sims Court Fight

Source: Beaver County Times

'83 Chronology-Physicality

Event Date: December 30th, 1983

Event Description: Sipe Deal Guaranteed

Source: Lakeland Ledger

'83 Chronology-Defections

Event Date: December 30th, 1983

Event Description: Niners Seek New Deals

Source: Beaver County Times

'83 Chronology-Reserve Clause

Event Date: December 29th, 1983

Event Description: Panthers Sign Bethea

Source: Lakeland Ledger

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'83 Chronology-Sipe Jumps Ship

Event Date: December 27th, 1983

Event Description: Sipe Officially Signs

Source: Lakeland Ledger

Friday, July 6, 2018

'83 Chronology-Mutual Need

Event Date: December 24th, 1983

Event Description: Butch and Sundance

Source: Lakeland Ledger

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'83 Chronology-Christmas Sale

Event Date: December 24th, 1983

Event Description: Express Sold

Source: Lakeland Ledger

'83 Chronology-Free Agency

Event Date: December 24th, 1983

Event Description: NFL News

Source: Lakeland Ledger

'83 Chronology-Michaels Returns

Event Date: December 21st, 1983

Event Description: USFL Roundup

Source: Lakeland Ledger

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'83 Chronology-Billy Sims Poll

Which contract should Billy Sims be forced to adhere to?
The Houston Gamblers
The Detroit Lions
Created with Poll Maker

'83 Chronology-Spending Spree II

Event Date: December 18th, 1983

Event Description: NFL versus USFL

Source: United Press International

Billy Sims admitted Sunday he has signed two five-year contracts -- one on July 1 with the Houston Gamblers of the USFL and a second on Friday with the NFL Detroit Lions.

But he also admitted he signed the Detroit contract against the advice of Lions' attorney's.

“The Lions' lawyers tried to advise (general manager) Russ (Thomas) not to sign me,” Sims said. “But he wanted to do it anyway.”

“We feel we have a binding contract with Billy,” Detroit owner William Clay Ford said. “I guess it (the two contracts) means a problem for somebody.
'I guess this matter is just going to have to be resolved in court. We never saw the contract but our lawyers said go ahead and have Billy sign it.”

Dr. Jerry Argovitz, the one-time dentist who used to represent Sims but now is a part-owner in the Houston USFL franchise, came to Detroit's game against Tampa Bay and said the star running back signed a contract with the Gamblers on July 1.

“And we gave Billy Sims a substantial amount of money as part of that contract,” Argovitz said. “I am appalled at what Bill Ford and Russ Thomas have done to Billy Sims. On Friday they told Billy, 'You just sign this contract -- we'll take care of the rest and get you out of the Houston contract.''

Sims admitted the Lions gave him a $1 million bonus to sign a five-year contract which he said started at $600,000 a year and went up to $800,000.

He said this was more than what Houston offered for the five years and although the Gamblers were to give him a $1 million bonus, they had only given him part of it last July.

“I signed both of them, to tell you the truth,” Sims said. “But my heart is right here. I was going to contact Jerry before this came out but I never got the chance. 'I feel I was misled on a few things,” Sims said. “Jerry feels that I wasn't. I guess it's going to come down to the USFL versus the NFL.”

'83 Chronology-Starting Over

Event Date: December 18th, 1983

Event Description: United Press International

Source: United Press International

Veteran guard Bob Simmons of the Kansas City Chiefs said Sunday he has signed a three-year guaranteed contract to play for the Chicago Blitz of the U.S. Football League beginning with the 1984 season.

Simmons, a former All-America at the University of Texas and a veteran of seven NFL seasons, will be reunited in Chicago with Marv Levy, who was the coach of the Chiefs from 1978-82 and will be in his first season as coach of the Blitz.Simmons will report to training camp with the Blitz Jan. 18 in Scottsdale, Arizona, but said he'll be in Chicago for a news conference Tuesday. 

Simmons played center, guard and tackle during his seven NFL years and started much of the 1983 season for the Chiefs at guard because of injuries to regulars Tom Condon and Brad Budde.

"I wouldn't mind having a little longer break in between the two seasons (NFL and USFL)," Simmons said. "But that's the way it is. It'll be fun; it'll be like starting all over again."

'83 Chronology-Spending Spree I

Event Date: December 16th, 1983

Event Description: Lapham Switches Leagues

Source: United Press International

Cincinnati Bengals offensive guard Dave Lapham plans to sign a contract with the New Jersey Generals of the U.S. Football League, his wife says.

Lynne Lapham has confirmed that the 10-year veteran has reached agreement with the USFL team and will sign the Generals' contract when it arrives in the mail. Lapham could not be reached for comment, but he told reporters last week that his negotiations with the Generals were going well and that he probably would leave the Bengals.

Lapham's salary with the Bengals was in the $150,000 range. Reports have said the Generals have offered him a salary starting at $250,000.

Earlier Friday, it was reported the Generals had contacted Washington quarterback Joe Theismann.

Lapham, a former Syracuse player, was a third-round pick by the Bengals in 1974. He generally is considered a team leader and was voted 'Man of the Year' by Cincinnati fans in 1980.

Lapham is one of several Cincinnati players expected to jump to the USFL next year, including tight end Dan Ross and linebacker Glenn Cameron.

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'83 Chronology-Coming to Terms

Event Date: December 16th, 1983

Event Description: Generals Hire Michaels

Source: Lakeland Ledger

Saturday, June 30, 2018

'83 Chronology-Christmas List

Event Date: December 15th, 1983

Event Description: Outlaws Eye Rookies

Source: Lakeland Ledger

'83 Chronology-Like a Hurricane?

Event Date: December 14th, 1983

Event Description: Howard Talks

Source: Lakeland Ledger

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'83 Chronology-On Schedule

Event Date: December 14th, 1983

Event Description: Breakers Schedule

Source: United Press International

The New Orleans Breakers will be at home for their first two games when they open their 1984 season against the Memphis Showboats, it was reported today.

The Breakers will kick off the season Feb. 26 with the Showboats and play the Birmingham Stallions a week later in the Superdome, the Times-Picayune reported.

“We do have a tentative schedule, but it hasn't been totally confirmed yet,” Breakers' president Randy Vataha said. “It does show two games at home right now, but I don't want to say anything until it's official.”

An announcement on the USFL schedule has been delayed because the league has expanded from 12 to 16 teams and some teams have had difficulties determining playing sites -- New Orleans and Houston among them.

The Breakers say a lease has been nailed down but not signed with the Superdome, and Houston officials say they are close to finishing their lease deal with the Astrodome.

“Everything has been worked out with the Dome,” Vataha said. “All it needs is the final review by the commission and we'd be all set.”


'83 Chronology-December Owners Meetings

Event Date: December 11th-14th, 1983

Internal Memo: United States Football League Owners Meeting

Re: Expansion, Ownership, Relocation and Scheduling

The owners agreed to the following;

The owners approved the final sale of the Chicago franchise to Dr. James Hoffman.

The owners approved the final sale of the Arizona Wranglers franchise to Dr. Ted Dietrich and the George Allen Group.

The owners approved the transfer of 25% of the Oakland Invaders franchise to Jim Joseph.

The owners approved and finalized the partial merger of the Chicago and Arizona franchises. 

The owners approved the final sale of the remnants of the Arizona Wranglers franchise to J. Walter Duncan. 

The owners approved the sale of the New Jersey Generals to Donal Trump and Madison Square Garden.

The owners gave final approval to the majority sale of the Los Angeles Express franchise to William Oldenburg.

The owners gave final approval to move the Boston franchise to New Orleans for the 1984 season.

The owners gave the Expansion Committee the power to analyze and consider future expansion to Oklahoma City under the guidance of J.Walter Duncan.

The owners rejected a proposal to approve an expansion franchise to San Antonio under the guidance of Clinton Manges.

The owners approved a tentative schedule for the 1984 season, pending final approval by the Commissioner.

The owners agreed to meet again in January.

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'83 Chronology-Express Lane

Event Date: December 13th, 1983

Event Description: Express Sold

Source: United Press International

The owners of the United States Football League's Los Angeles franchise have won permission from league owners to sell the team to a San Francisco businessman for an estimated $6 to $7 million.

A USFL spokesman said Bill Daniels and Alan Harmon, owners of the Express, got the necessary majority approval of the league's 18 owners in a vote Monday.

Only minor details reportedly remain to be worked out for the purchase by businessman Bill Oldenburg, who runs a San Francisco-based mortgage banking company.

A news conference has been scheduled by the team's public relations firm for Wednesday and a spokesman for the firm said the purpose is to announce the sale of the Express. Oldenburg was unavailable Tuesday for comment.

The estimated selling price would yield a profit of approximately $2 million for Daniels and Harmon, who have estimated team losses last season at about $2.5 million.

Harmon declined to comment on the negotiations, saying in a prepared statement released Monday, “The fact that the owners have voted and approved a possible transfer of the club is standard procedure. Their vote simply clears the way for more serious negotiations. But at this time, no deal has been made.”

The team is expected to remain in Los Angeles and continue to play in the Coliseum. The Express, who ran up an 7-11 record in the USFL's first season, averaged 19,000 fans per home game.

'83 Chronology-Fist of Five

Event Date: December 12th, 1983

Event Description: Schnellenberger Going Pro?

Source: Beaver County News

'83 Chronology-Unlucky 13

Event Date: December 10th, 1983

Event Description: Bulls and Bandits

Source: Lakeland Ledger

'83 Chronology-Falling Star

Event Date: December 8th, 1983

Event Description: Dupree Ruled Ineligible

Source: Lakeland Ledger

'83 Chronology-No Comment

Event Date: December 8th, 1983

Event Description: Sipe Talks Continue

Source: Lakeland Ledger