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Friday, October 20, 2017

'82 Chronology-Red Carpet Ride

Event Date: November 25th, 1982

Event Description: Breakers Add Geathers

Source: United Press International

The coach of the U.S. Football League's Boston Breakers says former South Carolina State defensive end Robert Geathers will be a welcome addition to the club's roster.

“We feel Robert will be to the USFL what Ernie Ladd and Earl Faison were to the old AFL,” Dick Coury, coach and general manager of the Breakers, said Wednesday.

“He is in the tradition of Deacon Jones, another great South Carolina State product,” Coury said. “We are convinced he can be all-USFL in his first season.”

Geathers, a third-round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills in 1981, said Wednesday he has signed a six-figure contract with the Breakers. Details of the two-year pact were not released but Ken Morton, Geathers' agent, said there was no option year clause in the pact.

That means the 6-foot-7, 295-pound Geathers could return to the NFL in 1984, Morton said. Geathers spent 1981 on the Bills' injured reserve list and was waived by the team this year.

“He will be treated like a first-round draft pick when he goes up to Boston. We have everything from an automobile to an apartment to $2,500 to complete his degree,” Morton said. “He's being treated with real kid gloves. They are rolling out the red carpet for him.”

Morton said the Los Angeles Rams, the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Raiders made formal offers to Geathers but he decided to sign with the Boston club. “The offers were not necessarily less in dollars, but we felt they were less in opportunity,” Morton said.

The USFL season begins March 7 and Geathers said he will head to camp at Orlando, Fla., Jan. 31 at a weight of 280 pounds.

Monday, October 16, 2017

'82 Chronology-Thompson Talks

Event Date: November 19th, 1982

Event Description: Thompson Talks USFL

Source: Chicago Tribune

Saturday, October 14, 2017

'82 Chronology-Elvis!

Event Date: November 12th, 1982

Event Description: Ex-Sooner Signs

Source: NewsOK

Former Oklahoma Sooner running back Elvis Peacock has signed a contract to play for the Arizona Wranglers in the United States Football League, club officials said Friday.

Terms of the pact were not announced, although Peacock was believed to have signed a multi-year deal with several options including a $40,000 loan from the team to buy a home in Norman, Okla.

Peacock was the Los Angeles Rams' first-round choice in the 1978 NFL draft. His pro career was cut short because of ligament damage to both knees, however. 

Peacock, who turned 26 last Sunday, has been on an extensive rehabilitation program at the University of Oklahoma, where he has also been completing studies for a degree. "My knees are fine," Peacock said in a recent telephone interview. "The doctors have OK'd them. I'm looking forward to playing again. The only thing I need to do is get myself in shape."

The 6-1 Peacock said he weighs "around 232" pounds and plans to pare down to 215 or 218 by training camp time. Peacock said the USFL "is a door that's open to me and I'm hoping it'll stay open. After all my injuries, though, it's like starting from the bottom floor again."

The Arizona franchise has yet to name a head coach, but Peacock said: "I'll feel relaxed there whoever the coach is. I'm looking forward to joining them. They're expecting to be a balanced football team."

In another USFL signing involving another former Sooner, linebacker Orlando Flanagan has joined the New Jersey Generals.


Friday, October 13, 2017

'82 Chronology-SoCal Sojourn

Event Date: Novmber 12th 1982

Event Description: Express Sign Duo

Source: L.A. Times/UPI

Running back Don Hardeman, one-time No. 1 draft choice of the Houston Oilers, and former Chicago Bears wide receiver Kris Haines have signed contracts with the Los Angeles Express of the U.S. Football League.

Hardeman, 6-foot-2 and 235 pounds, was with the Oilers from 1975-78. He spent the last three seasons with the Baltimore Colts.

Haines, who played in the Cotton Bowl twice and the Gator Bowl once during his college career at Notre Dame, has been with the Bears for three years. He was obtained in a trade with the Chicago Blitz of the USFL.

Story-(LA Times/UPI)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

'82 Chronology-Bidding War?

Event Date: November 3rd, 1982

Event Description: USFL Player Pool

Source: United Press International

Commissioner Chet Simmons said Friday his fledging United States Football League will honor all bonafide contracts signed by National Football League and Canadian Football League players and is not interested in getting into a war with the two more established circuits.

“We will not talk with any players about coming to our league unless they are free, clean and clear of previous obligations,” Simmons said in response to a question that if the NFL strike wipes out the 1982 season, some 1,500 players might become free agents.

“We plan to honor all contracts, but if a player is free and contacts us we will be happy to listen to him. We are not in competition with anyone. They (NFL) have their league and we have ours.”

But Simmons said the USFL is concerned about the possibility the NFL might extend its season -- because of the strike -- into February and March when the new circuit plans to crank up for its first year.

“We are getting information about such a possibility and we are studying it very closely,” said Simmons. “At the moment we are considering such talk as speculation and conjecture.”

Speaking at the end of a three-day meeting by the league's 12 clubs, Simmons said he is optimistic about the USFL and, in fact, the circuit is considering the granting of four more franchises.

“I never said it would be easy (to launch the USFL) but I'm a lot more optimistic about our chances now than I was the day I signed on as commissioner,” he said. “All our market research indicates we have a fine opportunity for success. We feel we can succeed where other new leagues failed because of a strong television contract and because of the kind of people who own our clubs.”

The USFL will begin in March and play an 18-game schedule. Simmons said applications from nine cities will be reviwed at the league's next meeting -- in a month at Tampa, Fla. -- with the idea of granting four more franchises.
“We'd like to get it all squared away soon,” said Simmons, “so the new cities will have a whole year to get ready for the 1984 season.”

He listed Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Seattle as being interested in USFL franchises.

The first USFL championship game will be played on July 17, 1983 at a site yet to be determined, Simmons said, adding he was empowered to investigate possible sites and stadiums and then make a selection.

A 1983 schedule as yet has not been drawn up and approved, but Simmons said the league plans to play on Saturday and Monday nights and Sunday afternoons so as to be attractive to television. The league has TV contracts with ABC and ESPN.

Simmons said the league will be successful if it averages 35,000 a game in its first season. “Denver already has sold 25,000 season tickets,” Simmons said, “and a few other clubs are closing in on that figure.”


Monday, October 9, 2017

'82 Chronology-Bargaining Chips

Event Date: November 3rd, 1982

Event Description: Turner Talks

Source: United Press International

The striking NFL Players Association struck out in two directions Wednesday in efforts to energize stalled negotiations with the Management Council in the 44th day of the walkout.

While the NFL was calling off a seventh weekend of games and bargaining continued between both sides and private mediator Sam Kagel in a midtown hotel, a group of 16 players, including 14 player representatives, were dispatched six blocks away for an impromptu meeting with United States Football League Commissioner Chet Simmons.

Earlier in the day, Ted Turner appeared at the hotel at the request of union head Ed Garvey to reopen discussions about continuing last month's union-sponsored all-star games.

The 16 players, along with union spokesman Dave Sheridan and NFLPA assistant Doug Allen, walked out of the USFL office sporting USFL red, white and blue hats and apparently content they had successfully devised another bargaining tool.

“Right now, there are 352 NFL players who become free agents by Feb. 1...they're in their option year this season. This meeting with the USFL is another tool on our side. We have to consider our options. Turner is one option and this is another. These are contingency plans if management is not interested in a settlement.”

Simmons, who said the union “called us and said they'd like to come by and learn more about the league,” termed the meeting “constructive” and said his league -- which is scheduled to begin March 6 - was naturally interested in possibly absorbing current NFL players who will soon be eligible to play in the USFL.

“We stand by our statement that we will not interfere with the valid, bonafide NFL contract,” said Simmons, “but the question is, what if the player is in his option year? Then we'll give him a chance to talk to the USFL club that has his allocation rights.”

“I think we would be absolutely nuts not to make ourselves available to those players. Overall, this strike has distracted the hell out of me, occupying our time thinking about the possibilities, including extending the NFL season. That would give me a real cause for concern and would be a very inhibiting factor to us.”

“We supplied the United States Football League with the names of the NFL free agents and suggested they did not have to wait until Feb. 1, 1983 to contact them,” Garvey said.

“We still hope to settle this contract dispute with the NFL. One change is we will no longer play games past March 5 because it would extend into the United States Football League season, although one date (NFL Commissioner) Pete Rozelle had mentioned about the Super Bowl was March 7.”

Garvey added, “There is no movements in the talks. There is more movement in the lobby here than at the bargaining table.”

Turner, the maverick owner of baseball's Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA, flew into New York and met with the full contingent of player representatives.

“He talked about what the financial arrangements would be in his league,” said Garvey. “He's very optimistic about how you can put it together. This is the first time our reps met with him as a group.”

Just before the NFL scrubbed a weekend slate of games for the seventh consecutive week, another group of players met with Rozelle for a 100-minute discussion in which they expressed their disenchantment with Management Council tactics.

(Story-UPI/Photo Wikipedia)

Friday, October 6, 2017

'82 Chronology-Expansion in '84?

Event Date: November 1st, 1982

Event Description: Expansion Plans?

Source: Birmingham News/UPI

The new 12-team United States Football League hasn't even seen its first kickoff yet, but league officials say they are already planning to add new franchises.

USFL Commissioner Chet Simmons was quoted by the Birmingham News Wednesday as saying that 40 cities -- ranging in size from Madison, Wis., to Dallas -- have expressed an interest in joining the league.

Simmons said other cities that have contacted his office include Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Honolulu, Atlanta, St. Louis, Hartford, Jacksonville and Fort Wayne, Ind. Simmons said the 12-team league will probably expand to 16 teams in time for the 1984 season.

“This is no minor league,” Simmons said. “We're not a fly-by-night league. I guarantee you'll love the USFL.”
In other USFL news;

Chicago Blitz coach George Allen Friday traded his first USFL draft choice to the Washington Federals for a veteran NFL punter George Roberts, the first such trade in the USFL. For Roberts, 27, Allen traded a middle-round choice in the league's college draft, to begin Jan. 4.

Roberts, 27, played from 1978-80 with the Miami Dolphins and was traded last season to the San Diego Chargers. In 64 NFL games, he averaged 41.0 on 289 punts.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

'82 Chronology-Null and Void?

Event Date: October 26th, 1982

Event Description: Strike Breakers?

Source: Milwaukee Sentinel

Tackle Greg Koch and backup quarterback David Whitehurst of the Green Bay Packers say they may jump to the new United States Football League if the strike wipes out the entire NFL season.

“I've talked to a couple of my friends who play for the Atlanta Falcons,” Koch told the Milwaukee Sentinel Monday.

“If they call the season, there are a lot of people seriously thinking about going to the United States Football League”. He said he is undecided but if the owners call off the season, it “would be a strong possibility.”

Koch said players “only have so many years ... and I just don't want to blow one of them, none of us are getting any younger.”

Whitehurst told the Sentinel if the owners cancel the season because of the five-week-old players' strike “it could void our contract. Then there would be a lot of people who would be interested in going to the USFL.”

Koch said the suspension of talks bothers him.

“We've conceded everything,”Koch said of the players. “We're just getting back to the point where basically we're going to take what they say we're going to have to take and I think it's not right.” Koch has been working as a part-time bartender during the strike.

'82 Chronology-Strike Strategy?

Event Date: October 26th, 1982

Event Description: Strike Threatens NFL Season

Source: United Press International

With the possibility growing that the NFL players' strike could wipe out the season, indications surfaced Tuesday that the club owners may appeal to the union's rank-and-file in an attempt to settle the more than 5-week-old walkout.

A member of the NFL Management Council's executive committee suggested the owners might have to "go over the heads" of union leaders and appeal to the membership for a contract agreement.

In Washington, Ed Garvey, executive director of the NFL Players Association, warned players that the owners are threatening to cancel the season if the players reject a final contract proposal.

Garvey said the owners are contacting the player representatives and saying they will make a 'take it or leave it' offer Friday.

“They are trying to convince the players and the public that if the players do not accept, they will cancel the season in 24 hours,” said Garvey, also contending the owners would lose too much money and expose themselves to legal action if they canceled the season.

Before the news conference, union president Gene Upshaw met with a lawyer for the National Labor Relations Board. Garvey said the NLRB could order an injunction forcing the NFL Management Council to discuss the wage scale issue, the major stumbling block in the 36-day strike.

“There is a growing feeling among our people that the NFL is trying to back into the USFL season.” Garvey said. “They can kill two birds with one stone.” The fledgling United States Football League plans to play its season in late spring and early summer. Murphy said if the season is canceled “it would immediately make the USFL a stronger league.”

If the owners canceled the season, Garvey said they could be ordered to pay back-wages to all striking players and run the risk of all players becoming free agents.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

'82 Chronology-Familiar Face?

Event Date: October 26th, 1982

Event Description: Bandits Hold Tryouts

Source: Lakleand Ledger

Fans who assembled at Jesuit High School's football field in Tampa, Fla., on Oct. 23rd to watch an open tryout for the Tampa Bay Bandits of the United States Football League were surprised.

Among the candidates was a soccer-style place-kicker who bore a surprising resemblance to Garo Yepremian, the former star in the National Football League. 

Yepremian, who began his career with the Detroit Lions in 1966 and starred with the Miami Dolphins from 1970 to 1978, last played in the N.F.L. with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers early in the 1981 season.

Story-(UPI/Lakeland Ledger)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

'82 Chronology-Stadium Wars

Event Date: October 26th, 1982

Event Description: Blitz Blame Bears

Source: UPI

The Chicago Park District Tuesday gave unanimous approval to let the Chicago Blitz use Soldier Field -- but only after officials of the U.S. Football League team threatened to leave town if approval was not granted.

The Blitz charged the Chicago Bears -- the other primary tenants of Soldier Field -- tried to sabotage the deal for use of the 65,000-seat stadium.

“We're aware that the Bears have attempted to delay the signing of our contract,” Blitz attorney Paul Meyer told the commissioners before the vote.

As a result of the delay, he said, the Blitz is behind schedule - and behind other USFL teams -- in implementing ticket sales promotions and other advertising.

“I'm prepared to call our office in in New York and tell them we're transferring our franchise,” Ted Diethrich, one of the team's owners, told the commissioners.

After the vote, however, Diethrich said he is “greatly pleased with the unanimous approval of our agreement with the Chicago Park District. With this final ratification, we will now embark on a full-scale promotional campaign for the Chicago Blitz in ticket sales and marketing.”

Story-(United Press International)

'82 Chronology-Here Comes The Sun

Event Date: October 22nd, 1982

Event Description: USFL Stadium Negotiations

Source: UPI

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The Arizona Board of Regents met in an executive session Friday to work out details of a proposed stadium lease between Arizona State University and the USFL Wranglers.

Board of Regents president Esther Capin said the regents “met” through a conference telephone call to receive a report on the status of negotiations between ASU and the Wranglers.

Capin said the board will hold a special meeting Nov. 9 at the board offices in Phoenix to act on an agreement with the Wranglers for the use of Sun Devil Stadium.

Story-United Press International

Friday, September 29, 2017

'82 Chronology-Hard Bargain

Event Date: October 20th, 1982

Event Description: Invaders Sign Hardman

Source: UPI

Veteran defensive lineman Cedrick Hardman was signed Tuesday as a player and coach of the Oakland Invaders of the fledging U.S. Football League and says he is thinking in terms of playing from three to five more years for the club.

Hardman, who averaged 12 sacks a season in his 12 years of play in the National Football league with the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, became the first player signed by the Invaders, who have changed their name to the Oakland Invaders from the Bay Area Invaders.

(Story-United Press International)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

'82 Chronology-Optimism Abounds

Event Date: October 11th, 1982

Event Description: USFL Commissioner Optimistic

Source: United Press International

If the NFL players strike drags on it could provide a bit of a lift for the businessmen who are investing $100 million in the United States Football League, Commissioner Chester R. Simmons concedes.

He says a prolonged strike could make the fans hungry for pro football come March when the USFL launches its 20-game season and could induce some college players to sign with teams in the new league instead of holding out for jobs in the older league.

Simmons does not, however, expect the strike's impact on the new league's fortunes to be big in any case.

The major question is whether the fans will go for football from March through early July.

Frank M. Magid Associates, Inc., of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a major broadcast research firm, did the marketing survey for the promoters of the league and concluded most fans think the present pro football season is too short compared with the 162-game baseball season and the 82-game pro basketball season. Simmons said officials and clubowners of the new league are betting on success where the World Football League failed after two seasons.

It is not, of course, competing seasonally with the NFL.

“In addition, our clubs are much better financed,” he said. “John Bassett, the Canadian multimillonaire who had the Memphis club in the WFL and has the Tampa Bay club in our league, says he was the richest man in the WFL but is the poorest owner in the USFL.”

Simmons said the WFL never got real television money. The USFL has a two-year contract with ABC and a cable contract with Entertainment & Sports Network, Inc., which can pipe the games into 16.5 million homes.

The WFL raided NFL player rosters and got into a salary war with the older league. The USFL will avoid that trap, Simmons said. Since its rosters will necessarily be composed of very young players, its average salaries in the first season may be almost 50 percent less than those in the NFL, he said.

Simmons said there are plenty of players available and high-priced players don't necessarily mean interesting football games. “We've all seen a lot of bad football played by teams with a lot of expensive stars.” Ticket prices will be about $2 less than NFL prices, Simmons said.

He doesn't expect the majority of the USFL's 12 teams to break even the first season. For that, a team would have to gross about $6 million between gate receipts and broadcast and cable revenue share.

Simmons sees no possibility of players performing in both leagues even though their playing seasons do not overlap. A player's contract runs for 12 months. That creates a valid legal and technical overlap in his opinion. A few NFL players whose options had run out already have signed with USFL clubs.

Ten of the 12 cities in the USFL also are in the NFL and will use the same stadiums as NFL teams, thus providing additional revenues to the municipalities that own the stadiums. The other two are Birmingham and Phoenix.

Since the USFL will be taking players who may not have graduated, although their college eligibility has run out, the USFL teams will give them scholarships to return to college in the fall and a bonus for earning a degree.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

'82 Chronology-Canada Calling

Event Date: October 8th, 1982

Event Description: Gold Nuggets

Source: United Press International

Former Denver Broncos running back Larry Canada has begun talks with officials of the Denver Gold of the U.S. Football League.

Canada visited the Gold earlier in the week for discussions with Coach Red Miller and owner Ray Blanding.

“We're happy to have Larry visit the office and get things started,” said Miller, who coached Canada during his four years as coach of the Broncos. “It's the first session we've had with Canada and we'll be talking more with him in the days ahead. I'd love to have him because I know what he can do.”

Gold owner Ray Blanding said 23,000 season tickets have been sold as of the end of September.

“A lot of them were on the basis of 50 percent down payment,” Blanding added. “But we've taken in a million dollars in cash. That's way ahead of what other USFL teams have reported, although I guess that Tampa Bay has sold around 13,000 tickets.”

Blanding said the details of an agreement for rental of Mile High Stadium (capacity 75,123) have been worked out, although the contract is not signed. Under the terms, the team will pay the city 8 percent of ticket sales -- the same as the Broncos.

(Photo-Property Getty Images)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

'82 Chronology-Star Signings

Event Date: September 29th, 1982

Event Description: Future Stars

Source: United Press International

The Philadelphia Stars Monday announced the signing of five players, including wide-receiver Rodney Parker, who played two years for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Stars President and General Manager Carl Peterson said that Parker, originally a sixth round draft choice of the Atlanta Falcons, signed with the Eagles in 1980 and played in 18 games including the Eagles NFC Championship victory over the Dallas Cowboys in which he caught four passes.

Also signed were Lester Melontree, a defensive end, who was in the Steelers pre-season camp; Casey Murphy, a punter from Temple, who was in the Eagles pre-season camp; and Greg Bamberger, a tackle from Duke.

All the players were signed to two, one-year contracts. Details of the contracts were not released.

In other USFL news;

Steve Ehrhart, USFL Director of Communications, issues a statement that all USFL teams have access to 352 NFL players who would become free agents February 1, 1983.

Monday, September 18, 2017

'82 Chronology-Devine Intervention

Event Date: September 15th, 1982

Event Description: Devine Rejects Offer

Source: United Press International

Dan Devine, the veteran college and professional coach who now heads an Arizona State University booster group, has withdrawn as a candidate to coach the Arizona Wranglers of the new United States Football League.

Devine said Tuesday he turned down a coaching offer from Wrangler owner Jim Joseph because of a “strong sense of loyalty and obligation” to the Sun Angels Foundation.

Devine became executive director of the foundation last February, more than a year after stepping down as coach at Notre Dame.

Devine, 57, said it was doubtful he would ever take a coaching job in the USFL. However, he said he might return to coaching in the National Football League if Indianapolis ever receives a franchise. A long-time friend of Devine is involved in efforts to get an Indianapolis franchise.

Devine began his coaching career at Arizona State in 1955 and later coached at the University of Missouri and Green Bay in the NFL before going to Notre Dame.

(Story: UPI)

Friday, September 15, 2017

'82 Chronology-Stallions Hire Head Coach

Event Date: September 2nd, 1982

Event Description: Steelers Lose Dotsch

Source: UPI-Pittsburgh Tribune

Pittsburgh Steelers assistant Rollie Dotsch will be named Thursday as head coach of the United States Football League's Birmingham Stallions, team officials confirmed Wednesday.

Team spokesman Hal Hayes said a news conference is scheduled for Thursday morning to make the official announcement.

Dotsch, the Steelers' offensive line coach for four years, has been talking to the Stallions for several weeks. He has been grooming former Kent State Coach Ron Blackledge to take over his position with Pittsburgh.

Dotsch played guard for Michigan in the early 1950s and has spent the last 11 years as an NFL assistant in Green Bay, New England, Detroit and Pittsburgh. Before coming to the NFL, he was an assistant at Northern Michigan, Colorado and Missouri.

He was also a head coach at Northern Michigan, where his teams compiled a 33-15-2 record in five seasons, including the only unbeaten regular season in the school's history.

The Thursday announcement will end a summer-long search for a head coach. Several names were mentioned along the way, and one candidate, Dallas Cowboys assistant Gene Stallings, turned down the job.

Among others who talked to the Stallions were Jack Gotta, coach of the Calgary Stampeders. Gotta was coach of the Birmingham franchise of the defunct World Football League. The Stallions will be in the league's Central Division along with Chicago, Detroit and Tampa.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

'82 Chronology-Piracy?

Event Date: September 2nd, 1982

Event Description: High on Branch

Source: Chicago Tribune

'82 Chronology-Young at Heart

Event Date: August 31st, 1982

Event Description: USFL Plans

Source: United Press International

The U.S. Football League plans to begin an 18-game schedule the first weekend in March leading to a July 10th championship game, Commissioner Chet Simmons said Tuesday.

League owners and administrators met for three days in Washington and settled a variety of questions, but none pertained to George Allen, coach and general manager of the Chicago Blitz.

Last week, Allen signed 6-foot-6, 280-pound lineman Willie Young from Illinois. Young, 26, has three years of college eligibility remaining and enrolled at Illinois after four years of football in the Army.

Young said he quit the Illinois squad because he could not support his wife and five children. Allen signed him, but USFL rules prohibit signing players with collegiate eligibility remaining.

“Those are our rules,” said Simmons. “In fact, we recognize the fifth year of eligibility in red-shirt cases. But I have made no sanctions against any club. I don't have all the facts in the signing of Young. When I do, I suppose you could say I'll be judge and jury, and probably the executioner. But not until.”

Allen did not attend the meetings but sent his son, Bruce, the club's general manager, to represent the Blitz.

Simmons said the league will comprise of three divisions - Atlantic, Central and Pacific. The three division winners will join a wild-card entry, the team with the next-best overall record, in a two-week playoffs.

New York-New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington and Boston will form the Atlantic Division, with Birmingham, Chicago, Detroit and Tampa Bay in the Central. The Pacific Division will have Arizona (Phoenix), Los Angeles, Denver and The Bay Area (San Francisco-Oakland).

Each team will play each team in its division twice and meet each other team once. The remaining four games will be against two teams of each of the other divisions.

“We hope to have the schedule available in the next few weeks,' said Simmons. 'In a few cases, we're working out scheduling problems for stadiums that house major-league baseball. In one case, we're working with scheduling conflicts for a North American Soccer League team.”

The league set its collegiate draft for Jan. 4, after the bowl games but before most of the All-Star games that the NFL uses to help evaluate its talent. USFL teams, all planning to use a scholarship-incentive clause in contracts with rookies, will have 40-man rosters with a 10-man development' squad.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

'82 Chronology-Jauch Jumps

Event Date: August 26th, 1982

Event Description: Jauch Jumps

Source: United Press International

Washington's entry in the new United States Football League has been named the Washington Federals and will be coached by Ray Jauch.

Jauch, coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian Football League, will join the new club at the end of the current CFL season in November.

He has compiled a record of 110-80-4 during 12 years in the CFL.

At a news conference Tuesday, club officials unveiled the new name, and team colors of kelly green and white, with silver and black trim. The logo features an eagle above the words Washington Federals.

Jauch, who was in Winnipeg, said 'We're going to try to build the type of team that the fans can be proud of. There are certain rules governing the acquisition of players. If there are Canadian players who are free agents, I would imagine they would have the opportunity to play in the new league.'

USFL teams can pick players from an assigned CFL team and Jauch will have the chance to pick players from his current team in Winnipeg. Contracts expire at the end of the season for seven or eight players with the Bombers.

Friday, September 8, 2017

'82 Chronology-Armed and Dangerous

Event Date: August 22nd, 1982

Event Description: No Stone Unturned?

Source: Chicago Tribune

A linebacker now in prison for armed robbery wants to play pro football, and George Allen, head coach and part-owner of the Chicago Blitz franchise in the fledgling U.S. Football League, wants to give him a tryout.

Allen wants a look at Michael Stifford, a Berwyn, Illinois, resident serving a 12-year sentence at Logan Correctional Center, the Chicago Tribune said in a story prepared for today's editions.

“If we can't get him a furlough, I will go down to Lincoln myself and give him a tryout,” said Allen, the former NFL head coach who created the so-called “Over-the-Hill Gang” when he coached the Washington Redskins.

Stifford, 23, is eligible for parole next January, just before the USFL is scheduled to begin its first season.

He wrote Allen, saying he is 6-foot-6, 225 pounds, and can bench press 420 pounds and run the 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds. “I love football. I can play,” he wrote Allen. “Give me a chance and I will make you proud to say you did.”

The Tribune said Stifford was voted most valuable player when he played on the Stateville Correctional Center team.

(Story-Chicago Tribune/UPI)