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Sunday, May 22, 2022

'88 Chronology-Week #2 Preview

Event Date: March 2nd, 1988

Event Description: Week #2 Preview

Source: Pro Football Weekly   

Week #2 USFL Preview

Thursday, March 3rd

Oakland Invaders  at Oklahoma Outlaws

Latest Line: (Outlaws -9)   

Television: ESPN National/RCA: Jim Simpson & Paul Maguire

Local Radio: Jerry Webber & Jack Nixon (KRMG)

Saturday, March 5th

Memphis Showboats at  Houston Gamblers

Latest Line: (Showboats -8)

Television: ESPN Regional/RCA: Tom Kelly & Don Heinrich

Local Radio: John Greer & Ed Biles (KRBE-FM)

Sunday, March 6th

 Birmingham Stallions at Baltimore Stars 

Latest Line: (Stallions -1)

Television: ABC National/RCA: Tim Brandt & Mike Adamle

Radio: ESPN : Scott Garceau & Tom Matte 

Tampa Bay Bandits at New Jersey Generals

Latest Line: (Generals -3)

Television: ABC National: Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann

Radio: ABC Radio: Charley Steiner & Dave Herman

Monday, March 7th

Jacksonville Bulls  at Orlando Renegades

Latest Line: (Bulls -6)

Television Coverage: ESPN-National: Fred Manfra & Mike Adamle

Radio: ABC Radio: Johnny Holiday & Dick Butkus 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

'88 Chronology-Searching

Event Date: March 2nd, 1988

Event Description: Steelers Eye Pivot

Source: Lakeland Ledger

Thursday, May 19, 2022

'88 Chronology-Week #1 Roundup

Event Date: March 1st, 1988

Event Description: Week #1 Roundup

Source: PFW

Walter Lewis threw three touchdown passes to lead Memphis to a 28-21 victory over the Tampa Bay Bandits Monday before a home crowd of 37,959.

The fifth-year veteran completed 23 of 34 passes for 358 yards with three touchdowns and three sacks. 

The Showboats victory saw major contributions from newcomers Allen Harvin who rushed for 57 yards and ex-Bandit Willie Gillespie hauled in six receptions for 131 yards and one touchdown.

Ben Bennett, the former Duke star finished with 223 passing yards on 18-of-25 efficiency with one touchdown for the visitors. Greg Allen led all rushers with 109 yards on sixteen totes and one touchdown.

Bennett opened the scoring with a 22 yard touchdown pass to Larry Brodsky at the 8:44 mark of the first quarter.

The Showboats then ran off 20 straight points behind a pair of Brian Franco field goals and two Walter Lewis touchdown passes. The first an 18-yard strike to Derrick Crawford and the second a seven-yarder toveteran Frank Lockett.

The Bandits responded in the second-half with a pair of touchdown runs from Allen and Joe Dudek as they led 21-20 early in the final period.

The Showboats, however, sealed the win at the 5:02 mark when Lewis found Derrick Crawford on a 48-yard pass and a two-point conversion by Harvin.

“It's a great way to open the season,” said Memphis head coach Pepper Rodgers. “One chapter is written. But we have a few many more chapters to fill.”

In other Week #1 action:

Houston Gamblers 28

Oklahoma Outlaws 45

Rick Neuheisel threw for 310 yards and three touchdowns, the first to Ron Wheeler, to lead Oklahoma to their first home win. Reggie Brown rushed for 105 yards with one touchdown and Allan Clark rushed for three touchdowns.

Birmingham Stallions 24

Oakland Invaders 22

Cliff Stoudt passed for 328 yards and three touchdowns leading Birmingham to a 24-22 come from behind win with new kicker David Trout hitting a 20-yard field goal with no time remaining.

Stallions’ receiver Greg Anderson caught a 52-yard touchdown pass from Stoudt to open the scoring and another in the third frame.

New Oakland quarterback Ed Luther finished with 398 passing yards on 29-0f-39 with two touchdowns and one pick. Newcomer Al Williams hauled in seven receptions for 202 yards and two scores.

New Jersey Generals 38

Orlando Renegades 26

New Jersey quarterback Doug Flutie left the game due to injury at the end of the first quarter but the Generals’ rolled to a 38-26 victory behind veteran backup Matt Robinson

Robinson tossed three touchdown passes in relief and ex-Giant Leon Perry added 130 rushing yards and a pair of touchdowns. Sam Bowers made his return to the Meadowlands finishing with eleven receptions for 174 yards and two touchdowns.

Orlando pivot Reggie Collier finished with 223 passing yards and three touchdowns but was sacked four times.

Baltimore Stars 32

Jacksonville Bulls 34

The new-look Jacksonville Bulls held on to defeat Baltimore as the Stars fell behind by a score of 34-6, before launching a furious rally in the second-half only to fall two points short.

Ex-Gambler Sam Harrell led all rushers with 150 yards on 14 carries and Vince Evans threw for 175 yards with one touchdown.

Sunday, May 15, 2022


Friday, May 13, 2022

'88 Chronology-Week #1 Preview

Event Date: February 24th, 1988

Event Description: Week #1 Preview

Source: Pro Football Weekly                                                            

Week #1 USFL Preview

Thursday, February 25th

  Houston Gamblers at Oklahoma Outlaws

Latest Line: (Outlaws -2)   

Television: ESPN National/RCA: Kevin Killey & Corey McPherson

Local Radio: Jerry Webber & Jack Nixon 

Saturday, February 27th

Birmingham Stallions at Oakland Invaders

Latest Line: (Invaders -2)

Television: ESPN National/RCA: Tom Kelly & Don Heinrich

Local Radio: Joe Starkey & Lee Grosscup 

Sunday, February 28th

  Baltimore Stars at Jacksonville Bulls

Latest Line: (Bulls -6)

Television: ABC National/RCA: Bill Flemming & Mike Adamle

Radio: ESPN : Scott Garceau & Tom Matte 

New Jersey Generals at Orlando Renegades

Latest Line: (Generals -3)

Television: ABC National: Keith Jackson & Lynn Swann

Radio: ABC Radio: Charley Steiner & Dave Herman 

Monday, February 29th

Memphis Showboats  at Houston Gamblers

Latest Line: (Showboats -5)

Television Coverage: ESPN-National: Jim Simpson & Paul Maguire

Radio: ABC Radio: Fred Manfra and Dick Butkus

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

'88 Chronology-Houston Gamblers Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988

Event Description: Independence Division Preview

Source: Sports Scene

Houston Gamblers

1987 Record: 5-11

Stadium: Astrodome    

Avg. Attendance: 29,250

Head Coach: Jack Pardee

Owners: Jerry Argovitz & Company

Key players: QB Todd Dillon, RB Tony Boddie, SB Richard Johnson, WR Vince Courville, SB Scott McGhee, OC Greg Davidson, OG Scott Boucher, OL Frank Kalil, T Denver Johnson, DE Ray Cattage, LB Kiki DeAyala, LB Mike Hawkins, DB Rod Kush, K-P Frank Corral.

New Additions: QB Turner Gill (CFL-Montreal ’85), QB Ron Reeves (USFL-New Jersey ’87), RB Tony Boddie (NFL-Denver ’87), RB Chris Brewer (NFL-Chicago ’87), RB Tony Jeffery (’88 draft pick), RB Keith Edwards (’85 draft pick),  WR Vince Courville (NFL-Dallas ’87), WR Kelley Johnson (NFL-Indianapolis ’87), TE Dan Sharp (NFL-Atlanta ’87), T-G Arland Thompson (NFL-Kansas City ’87), OL Dan Remsburg (NFL-Denver ’87), DE Ray Cattage (USFL-Portland ’87), DL John Walker (NFL-Kansas City ’87), DL Karl Jordan (’85 draft pick), LB Kiki DeAyala (NFL-Cincinnati ’87), DB Mike Thurman (CFL-Edmonton ’87), DB Jitter Fields (NFL-Kansas City ’87), DB Andre Harris (’85 draft pick).

Sport Scene's Outlook: The Gamblers seem to be in a downward tailspin ever since losing Jim Kelly and his corps of receivers to the NFL.

1988 Prediction: 6-10 5th Place

Monday, May 9, 2022

'88 Chronology-Oklahoma Outlaws Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988

Event Description: Independence Division Preview

Source: Sports Scene

Oklahoma Outlaws

1987 Record: 7-9

Stadium: Skelly Stadium   

Avg. Attendance: TBD

Head Coach: Woody Widenhofer

Owner: J.W. Duncan

Key players: QB Rick Neuheisel, RB Allan Clark, WR Jerry Gordon, WR Duan Gunn, TE Ron Wheeler, OC Dave Otey, OG Greg Roberts, OT Doug Hoppock, DT Allen Hughes, LB Bill Roe, LB Carlton Rose, LB Steve Hathaway, DB warren Hanna, DB Dwayne Anderson, DB Peter Raeford.

New Additions: PK Jim Gallery (NFL-St. Louis ’87), QB Glenn Carano, QB-WR Danny Bradley (NFL-Detroit ’87), P Buzz Sawyer (NFL-Dallas ’87), RB Jacque Robinson (NFL-Philadelphia ’87), WR Jerry Gordon (CFL-Calgary ’87), WR Daric Zeno (USFL-Denver ’87), TE Ron Wheeler (NFL-LA Raiders ’87), OG Greg Roberts (USFL-Denver ’87), OG Conrad Goode (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), DT Allen Hughes (USFL-Portland ’87), LB Bill Roe (NFL-New Orleans ’87), LB Carlton Rose (NFL-Washington ’87), LB Steve Broadway (NFL-Detroit ’87), DB Dwayne Anderson (NFL-St. Louis ’87).

Sport Scene’s Outlook: The Outlaws head to Oklahoma after the demise of the Arizona franchise. The team is led by ex-Steelers assistant Woody Widenhofer and has brought in a number of regional players to give the team a local flavor.

1988 Prediction: 7-9 4th Place

Saturday, May 7, 2022

'88 Chronology-Oakland Invaders Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988

Event Description: Independence Division Preview

Source: Sports Scene

Oakland Invaders

1987 Record: 7-9 4th Place

Stadium: Oakland Coliseum

Avg. Attendance: 36,045

Head Coach: Jim Stanley

Owner: Tad Taube

Key players: QB Fred Besana, QB Ed Luther, RB Eric Jordan, RB Kevin Nelson, WR Wes Howell, WR Spencer Jackson, TE Mark Keel, TE Gordon Hudson, OG Jerry Doerger, OT Dale Markham, DE Dave Browning, DT Reuben Vaughan, LB Kyle Borland, LB Rich Dixon, DB Derrick Martin, DB-P David Greenwood, DB Mike Fox, PK Novo Bojovic.

New Additions: P Jeff Partridge (USFL-Portland ’87), QB Gale Gilbert (NFL-Seattle ’86), RB Kirby Warren (CFL-Calgary ’87), FB Vince Williams (USFL-Portland ’87), WR Al Williams (NFL-San Diego ’87), SB Malcolm Moore (NFL-LA Raiders ’87), TE Mark Keel (NFL-Sea./KC ’87), TE Gordon Hudson (NFL-Seattle camp ’87), DE Greg Fields (USFL-Arizona ’87), DL Monte Bennett (NFL-San Diego ’87), DB Darryl Hemphill (CFL-British Columbia ’87).

Sport Scene’s Outlook: Many questions to answer as the Invaders prepare for the season. The most important of which is can head coach Jim Stanley avoid a quarterback controversy after the teams' acquisition of veteran pivot Ed Luther from Jacksonville. If so, the Invaders are well positioned for a playoff run.

1988 Prediction: 8-8 3rd Place 

Friday, May 6, 2022

'88 Chronology-Memphis Showboats Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988

Event Description: USFL Preview: Independence Division

Source: Sports Scene

Memphis Showboats

1987 Record: 12-4

Stadium: Liberty Bowl    

Avg. Attendance: 44,499

Head Coach: Pepper Rodgers

Owner: William Dunavent

Key players: QB Walter Lewis, RB Allen Harvin, WR Derrick Crawford,WR Willie Gillespie, WR Frank Lockett, TE Mike Sherrod, OL Larry Pfohl, OG Tyrone McGriff, DT Eddie Weaver, DL Jimmy Walker, LB Tom Dinkel, DB Bryan Howard, P Rick Partrudge, PK Brian Franco.

New Arrivals: PK Brian Franco (NFL-Cleveland ’87), QB Dean May (NFL-Denver ’87), WR Willie Gillespie (NFL-Minnesota ’87), RB Joe Carter (NFL-Miami ’86), FB Mike Schellen (USFL-Jacksonville ’87), TE Mike Sherrod (USFL-Portland ’87), TE Jerry Price (USFL-New Jersey ’87), C-G Wayne Jones (NFL-Minnesota ’87), OL Pat Saindon (NFL-Atlanta ’87), DE Jimmy Walker (NFL-Minnesota ’87), DT Manny Weaver (NFL-Atlanta ’87), LB Tom Dinkel (USFL-Jacksonville ’87).

Sport Scene's Outlook: The defending champions will again be led by league MVP Walter Lewis and innovative head coach Pepper Rodgers. Look for the ‘Boats to make another solid run at the league championship.

1988 Prediction: 9-7 2nd Place

Thursday, May 5, 2022

'88 Chronology-Birmingham Stallions Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988

Event Description: USFL Preview-Independence Division

Source: Sports Scene

Birmingham Stallions

1987 Record: 10-6 1st Place

Stadium: Legion Field   

Avg. Attendance: 36,036

Head Coach: Rollie Dotsch

Owner: Harold Ripps

Key players: QB Cliff Stoudt, RB Tony Truelove, FB Joel Coles, WR Joey Jones, WR Eric Truvillion, TE Darryl Mason, G-T Buddy Aydelette, OT Pat Phenix, DE Pete Catan, LB Herb Spencer, LB Stan Blinka, DB Chuck Clanton, DB David Dumars, PK David Trout.

New Arrivals: PK David Trout (NFL-Pittsburgh ’87), QB Buck Belue (USFL-Jacksonville ’87), FB Major Everett (NFL-Atlanta ’87), WR Eric Truvillion (NFL-Detroit ’87), WR Rufus Cox (CFL-Calgary ’85), C-G Frank Roberts (USFL-Portland ’87), OC Rich Garza (USFl-San Antonio ’85), DE Pete Catan (CFL-Hamilton ’87), LB Herbie Spencer (NFL-Atlanta ’87), LB Fred McCallister (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), LB Thomas Boyd (NFL-Detroit ’87), SS Steve Trimble (NFL-Chicago ’87), RB Ron O’Neal (USFL-Memphis ’85),  P Terry Sanders (’85 draft pick), DB Paul Calhoun (’85 draft pick).

Sport Scene's Outlook: The acquisition of star wideout Eric Truvillion should bring a spark to an already potent offense. Look for the Stallions to again compete for the division crown.

1988 Prediction: 10-6 1st place   

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

'88 Chronology-Orlando Renegades Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988

Event Description: USFL Preview-Liberty Division

Source: Sports Scene

Orlando Renegades

1987 Record: 12-4 2nd Place

Stadium: Gator Bowl    

Avg. Attendance: 26,114

Head Coach: Lee Corso

Owner: Donald Dizney

Key players: QB Reggie Collier, QB John Reaves, RB Leonard Williams, WR Jackie Flowers, OC Brian Musselman, OG Thom Dornbrook, OT Doug Mackie, DE Val Brown, LB Will Cokeley, DB Mike Guess, DB-WR Herkie Walls, P Jeff Gossett.

New Additions: PK Danny Miller (USFL-Birmingham ’87), QB Reggie Collier (CFL-Ottawa ’87), QB Tim Riordan (NFL-New Orleans ’87), QB Mike Eppley (’85 draft pick), RB Leonard Williams (NFL-Buffalo ’87), WR Marion Brown (USFL-Portland ’87), WR Thad McFadden (NFL-Buffalo ’87), TE mark Dowdell (’85 draft pick), OT Doug Mackie (NFL-Atlanta ’87), OG Jeff Kiewel (NFL-Atlanta ’87), OC Joe Bock (NFL-Buffalo ’87), C-G Kenny Howell (USFL-Jacksonville.’87), OT Tommy Robison (NFL-Green Bay ’87), DT Dallas Cameron (’85 draft pick), LB Will Cokeley (NFL-Buffalo ’87), DB-WR Herkie Walls (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), DB Vic Bellamy (NFL-Philadelphia ’87), DB Myles Darling (CFL-Montreal ’86), DB Fred Nichols (USFL-Orlando ’85), P Stan Talley (NFL-Raiders ’87).

Sport Scene's Outlook: The ‘Gades have had more turnover this off-season than most. Reggie Collier returns after a two-year stint in the NFL and CFL, so look for him to share the starters’ role with veteran John Reaves.

Head coach Lee Corso led a team of over-achievers last season who battled Memphis for the division title. Another playoff run is not out of the questiion, but the ‘Gades will face stiffer competition with the rise of Jacksonville and New Jersey.

1988 Prediction:  5-11 5th Place

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

'88 Chronology-Baltimore Stars Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988

Event Description: USFL Preview-Liberty Division

Source: Sports Scene

Baltimore Stars

1987 Record: 8-8 4th Place

Stadium: Memorial Stadium   

Avg. Attendance: 33,373

Head Coach: Ted Marchibroda

Owner: Myles Tanenbaum & Edward DeBartolo

Key players: QB Chuck Fusina, RB Curtis Bldesoe, FB Greg Boone, WR Scott Fitzkee, WR Willie Collier, TE Ken Dunek, C-G Joe Happe, DE Don Fielder, LB George Cooper, DB Scott Woerner, DB Mike Lush, P Bob Grupp and PK Tim Mazzetti.

New Arrivals: PK Tim Mazzetti (USFL-Portland ’87), QB Scott Campbell (NFL-Atlanta ’87), FB Dan Reeder (NFL-Pittsburgh ’87), TE Mark Raugh (USFL-Jacksonville ’87), OC Mike Katolin (NFL-Cleveland ’87), OT Roger Caron (NFL-Indianpaolis ’86), DT Willie Rosborough (USFL-Portland ’87), DL Buddy Moor (NFL-Atlanta ’87), DE Robert Brannon (NFL-Cleve/NO ’87), DE Ken Gillen (USFL-Tampa Bay ’87), DB Mike Lush (NFL-Atlanta ’87), DB Mike Mitchell (NFL-Washington ’87), DB Scott Woerner (NFL-New Orleans ’87), LB Kelly Kirchbaum (NFL-Philadelphia ’87), LB George Cooper (NFL-San Fran ’87), LB Micah Moon (’85 draft pick).

Sport Scene's Outlook: The Stars are an over aged club in need of an influx of youth. The addition of free agents FB Greg Boone and TE Mark Raugh should give the offense a boost, but the defense remains suspect due to the loss of star power to the NFL.

1988 Prediction: 8-8 4th Place

Monday, May 2, 2022

'88 Chronology-Tampa Bay Bandits Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988

Event Description: USFL Preview-Liberty Division

Source: Sports Scene

Tampa Bay Bandits

1987 Record: 9-7 3rd Place

Stadium: Tampa Stadium   

Avg. Attendance: 44,616

Head Coach: Steve Spurrier

Owner: Lee Scarfone

Key players: QB Ben Bennett, QB Jimmy Jordan, RB Joe Dudek, RB Greg Allen, WR Larry Brodsky, TE Marvin Harvey, OC Lee North, OG Rufus Brown, G-C Chuck Pitcock, OT Bob Gruber, OT Reggie Smith, NT Dave Opfar, DE Calvin Turner, DE James Ramey, LB Putt Choate, LB Alonzo Johnson, DB Jon Sutton, DB Marcus Quinn, PK Zenon Andrusyshyn.

New Arrivals: P Greg Cater (NFL-St.Louis ’87), QB Mike Kelley (NFL-San Diego ’87), QB Ron Sally (USFL-Jacksonville ’87), WR James Harbour (NFL-Tampa Bay ’86), OC Chuck Pitcock (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), OL Reggie Smith (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), OT Bob Gruber (NFL-Green Bay ’87), OL Greg Loberg (NFL-New Orleans ’87), OT Dan Doubiago (NFL-Kansas City ’87), C-T John Stadnik (NFL-San Diego ’87), OC Tom McCormack (’85 draft pick), DE Calvin Turner (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), DE James Ramey (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), DE Mike Clark (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), LB Jeff Smith (’85 draft pick), DB Marcus Quinn (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), DB Alvin Bailey (CFL-Hamilton ’87), DB Dwayne Anderson (NFL-St.Louis ’87), DB Jon Sutton (NFL-New Orleans ’87).

Sport Scene's Outlook: The Bandits have great depth on both sides of the ball and will again challenge for the division crown.

1988 Prediction: 9-7 3rd Place

Sunday, May 1, 2022

'88 Chronology-New Jersey Generals Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988

Event Description: USFL Preview-Liberty Division

Source: Sports Scene

New Jersey Generals

1987 Record: 7-9 5th Place

Stadium: Giants Stadium     

Avg. Attendance: 40,311

Head Coach: Chris Palmer

Owner: Stephen Ross

Key players: QB Doug Flutie, QB Matt Robinson, RB Leon Perry, TE Sam Bowers, TE Paul Bergmann, G John Jewell, G Wayne Harris, DE James Lockette, LB Bobby Leopold, LB Jon Brooks, DB Dennis DeVaughn, DB Donnell Daniel, DB David Martin.

New Arrivals: QB Matt Robinson (USFL-Portland ’87), P Jim Miller (NFL-New York Giants ’87), RB Leon Perry (USFL-Orlando ’87), RB Rich Erenberg (NFL-Pittsburgh ’86), RB Jaime Covington (NFL-NY Giants ’87), TE Sam Bowers (NFL-Chicago ’87), OG Gerry Raymond (USFL-Portland ’87), G-T Bill Dugan (NFL-New York Giants ’87), OL Joe Silipo (NFL-Buffalo ’87), OL Ken Smith (NFL-Cincinnati ’87), OL Scott Zalenski (’85 draft pick), DE Kyle Clawson (’85 draft pick), LB Marcus Marek (NFL-Chicago ’87), DB Durwood Roquemore (NFL-Buffalo ’87), DB David Martin (NFL-Buffalo ’87), SS Troy West (NFL-Philadelphia ’87).

Sport Scene's Outlook: Another disappointing campaign in 1987 led the team to replace head coach Craig Morton with Chris Palmer. The addition of two-way player Gordie Lockbaum brings a sense of excitement as the team prepares for the upcoming season.

1984 Prediction: 10-6 2nd Place

Saturday, April 30, 2022

'88 Chronology-Jacksonville Bulls Preview

Event Date: February 18th, 1988 

Event Description: USFL Preview-Liberty Division

Source: Sports Scene

Jacksonville Bulls

1987 Record: 7-9 6th Place

Stadium: Gator Bowl    

Avg. Attendance: 42,543

Head Coach: Mouse Davis

Owner: Fred Bullard

Key players: QB Vince Evans, QB Bob Gagliano, RB-WR Vincent White, FB-TE Todd Gerhart, WR Alton Alexis, WR Spencer Jackson, OC Tom Davis, OT Roy Simmons, NG Ron Simmons, DE Bruce Thornton, DE George Achica, LB Howard Carson, LB Ed Smith, LB John Nevens, DB Donald Dykes, DB Chester Gee, DB Don Bessillieu.

New Arrivals: P Larry Swider (USFL-Orlando ’87), PK Jeff Brockhaus (NFL-San Fran ’87), QB Vince Evans (NFL-LA Raiders ’87), QB Bob Gagliano (NFL-San Fran. ’87), QB Ken Hobart (CFL-Hamilton ’87), RB Bobby Howard (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), RB Sam Harrell (NFL-Minnesota ’87), RB Robert Lavette (NFL-Philadelphia ’87), OG Rick Kehr (NFL-Washington ’87), OG Frank Frazier (NFL-Washington ’87), OL Steve Rogers (NFL-Kansas City ’87), OC Mike Weaver (’85 draft pick), DL Walter Carter (NFL-Tampa Bay ’87), DT Brad Smith (’85 draft pick), LB Ed Smith (USFL-Memphis ’87), LB Phil Forney (NFL-St. Louis ’87), DB Johnny Hill (’85 draft pick).

Sport Scene's Outlook: The merger with Denver has led to a complete makeover in Jacksonville. 

Look for the Bulls’ offense to continue to excel with Vince Evans and Bob Gagliano having replaced last years’ starter Ed Luther who was traded to Oakland.

If the defense improves over last years’ squad, Jacksonville should challenge for the division crown.

1988 Prediction: 10-6 1st place

Thursday, April 28, 2022

'88 Chronology-Journeyman

Event Date: February 11th, 1988

Event Description: Bandits Sign Kelley

The Tampa Bay Bandits have signed veteran quarterback Mike Kelley and waived counterpart Nathaniel Koonce.

Kelley, 29, spent last season with the Memphis Showboats before moving on to the San Diego Chargers during the NFL strike games. Kelley started his career with the Bandits back in 1983 after geing drafted out of Geogia Tech.

Last season, Kelley passed for 987 yards with eight touchdowns and four picks while a backup to Walter Lewis. Kelley now joins Ben Bennett and Jimmy Jordan on the Bandits' roster.

After the season, he joined the Chargers where he passed for 305 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. Kelley started one of the NFL strike games before being supplanted by Rick Neuheisel.

A sixth-round draft choice of the Atlanta Falcons in 1982, he has also played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League, along with his USFL stints which include stops in Tampa, Memphis and Oakland.

Koonce who has been with the Bandits on and off since he was drafted by the Bandits out of Florida A&M in 1983 has said that he will most likely retire after his most recent demotion.

Monday, April 25, 2022

'88 Chronology-Job Security

Event Date: February 10th, 1988

Event Description: Williams Confident

Source: Associated Press

Saturday, April 23, 2022

'88 Chronology-Pivotal Position

Event Date: February 6th, 1988

Event Description: Stars Sign Pivot

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Scott Campbell, signed with the USFL Baltimore Stars, less than a week after his NFL contract expired.

Campbell, a 6-foot-0, 195-pounder, started his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1984, before moving on to the Falcons. He was a fourth round draft selection by the Stars in the 1984 USFL draft. Campbell, who signed a two-year contract, will report to the Stars for practice Monday.

“We're very happy to have Scott Campbell join our team,”said Carl Peterson, the Stars president and director of football operations. “Adding Scott to our team will provide additional competiton at the quarterback position.”

The Stars are led by veteran pivot Chuck Fusina, but he has been out with an injured foot during most of the early season workouts. The team also has veteran Tom Rozantz and newcomer Scott Stankavage on their pre-season roster.

more to come......