Thursday, April 11, 2013

Virtual USFL 2.0-Back to the Future

Due to a series of major computer issues, breakdowns and complications, the Virtual USFL will not be presenting the 1994 virtual season after all.

Also all of the archives for past seasons have been de-constructed and discarded .

However, we here at the Virtual United States Football League are currently working on a complete re-boot of the simulation.

I would like to thank all of the fans of the VUSFL who have followed the league in the past. We are confident that the new VUSFL 2.0 will be better than the old version in terms of players, roster accuracy, a new salary cap system, season to season consistency and more.

Apologies to all fans who were looking forward to the '94 season. Hope you will consider following the VUSFL 2.0.

Thank You

more to come......

(Points 1-7 modified from Kogan- USFL v. NFL: The Challenge Beyond the Courtroom)

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